🎶 Happy Birthday Dear PorchLight, Happy Birthday to you! 🎶

I find myself singing, and smiling lately because we are celebrating our 21st birthday here at PorchLight.

But seriously, I could not be prouder of this two-decades-plus of all we’ve conquered.
What pandemic? What travel ban? What remote work? We’ve grown. We’ve adapted. We’ve endured.
I researched to see if there’s anything special about the number 21 other than what we usually connect to this milestone birthday (CHEERS!)

. In Tarot, 21 is related to the card: The World. One of the many meanings of this card is to have the world at your feet.
. There is a total of 21 dots on a six-sided die.
. 21 grams equals the physical weight of the soul, according to Dr. Duncan MacDougal who calculated the before and after death weights of six patients.

It took a lot of hope, luck, heart, and soul to get here. Thanks for partnering with us all these years. And we welcome newcomers to come along to learn how your renters can benefit from PorchLight’s guarantee. our promise is to support our renting clientele until they have an address. For 21 years, our unique service model has endured the test of time. As we look ahead, PorchLight will continue to shine as the best in class rental finding and destination services throughout North America. Happy Birthday, PorchLight!.

Until next time,
Diane Ayres

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