PorchLight Partners with Jasper Mastercard

PorchLight is proud to partner with Jasper Mastercard to assist our international inbound transferees!

Every professional moving to the U.S. faces the credit paradox: No matter how much a person earns or how stellar a track-record he or she might have – most banks won’t extend credit or issue cards without local employment history.

The Jasper Mastercard is a revolutionary product that flips the script on the credit paradox. High credit line with great terms from day one. Even without local employment history or SSN.

I don’t have an SSN – Can I apply?
Yes. You can apply without an SSN and with little or no U.S. credit history. You will need to provide your passport, visa information and proof of U.S. employment. After you obtain your SSN, you will be required to provide it within 60 days of card activation. Applicants who have been living in the US for one year or more are required to provide SSN at the time of application and will undergo a credit check. Reporting your credit activity to the credit bureaus Equifax and TransUnion is one of the ways Jasper helps you build your credit score.

Can I apply before I move to the U.S.?
Yes! If you are relocating to the U.S. for work, one of the Jasper Mastercard’s most exciting features is that we will process your application even before you start your new job in the US. If you are accepted, your Jasper Mastercard will be waiting on your desk on day one. If you are already residing in the U.S., you can get your card shipped to your work or home address.

How can you help me build my credit score?
By using your Jasper Mastercard (with a credit limit of up to $5,000) and making all payments by your due date, you can rapidly start building your credit score. We report your credit utilization to the credit bureaus Equifax and TransUnion, so that other credit suppliers (banks, lenders, etc.) can quickly learn that you are a strong and credible customer. We are working hard to report to the other main credit bureau Experian as well, and will update our cardholders when this process is completed. Jasper will also provide you with guidelines, recommendations, and best practices to help you build credit with ease. Jasper will report your credit activity, whether positive and negative, to the credit bureaus. On-time payments are a critical aspect of building your credit score. To help ensure that your reports are positive, the Jasper app allows you customize automatic payments several different ways.

I already have a U.S. bank account! Can I still get the card?
Yes. Even though you already have a U.S. bank account, your bank still may not be able to offer you a prime-grade credit card because you lack local credit history. Instead, they may offer you a debit card (which doesn’t help build your credit) or secured credit card with a low credit limit. The Jasper Mastercard offers an independent credit card account with the ability to pay your balance using your existing bank account.

What makes Jasper the right credit card for me?
Jasper is a prime Mastercard tailor-made for individuals just like you – high-earning, quality employees, with no local U.S. credit history¹. Most financial products and offerings, including eligibility for a credit card, loan, or even a Home Loan Taunton require an established credit history. Jasper relieves the burden of starting your professional journey in the U.S. with little or no credit history. With a high credit limit (up to $5,000) and best-in-class terms, the Jasper Mastercard allows you to begin building great credit as soon as you start your new job in the US.

Need a credit card to make purchases?
The Jasper Mastercard provides an immediate solution and offers up to a $5000 limit. For more information and to apply for a card, visit jaspercard.com/apply. Additional information about the Jasper Mastercard can be found here jaspercard.com/ebrochure. WalletHub also offers comparisons.

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