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Successful, Virtual Home Finding Experiences

As we continue to make personal connections from a distance, we’re reminded that there’s almost nothing more personal than someone’s home. We received another “virtual home finding” success story that came to us from Craig Hall, with ABB, moving to Atlanta. He gave us permission to share his comments and our local rental expert, Jason, provided service details.

  • Jessica Drouhard, of PorchLight, listened to Craig’s housing needs and helped him understand how we could assist him, virtually, with his search. She readily connected him with PorchLight’s local area expert, Jason.
  • As they discussed his interests and housing needs, Jason learned that Craig wasn’t sure if he wanted a house, townhome or apartment. They also further discussed Craig’s lifestyle interests, housing budget and desired commute time so Jason could best advise him regarding Atlanta traffic patterns.
  • Jason broke the rental search into housing types. He and Craig spent one day talking and viewing homes together via computer. A second day was spent focusing on apartments and further discussion.
  • Craig could take time to digest the information and they’d talk again. Jason’s local insights and experience with all of the inventory he shared helped Craig understand the pros and cons.
  • Jason’s local area insights provided Craig the information he needed to make a confident, informed leasing decision.
  • As Craig attempted to work with the leasing office to place application, the restricted office hours and volume of phone calls made it challenging for the property to give him attention.
  • Because of Jason’s experience in the rental market, the property returned Jason’s calls enabling Craig’s needs to be met quickly.
  • Craig was able to complete the lease and move-in yesterday, April 6th.
  • Not only did Craig find a home, this process saved ABB 30 days of temporary housing or approximately $4830.

Here’s what Craig had to say…“Our local rental expert, Jason, was key and very helpful in getting this done. In this time of virus, he was my “feet on the street” and really helped move the process through. Thank you to you and Jason for making this transition as smooth as possible.”

In these uncertain times, one thing is certain…PorchLight’s expertise will see you through to a new address.

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