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Considering all of life’s dynamics, we help individuals and families who are undergoing a domestic or international relocation find their homes and settle into their new surroundings with peace of mind, solutions and expertise.

Having spent 30 plus years collectively working in relocation related industries, the founders of PorchLight recognized there was a definitive need for more comprehensive services for relocating professionals who choose to rent.

Dynamic changes in both the general profile of who rents rather than purchases homes, as well as the overall landscape of the rental market itself, have created a paradigm shift in the rental assistance and settling in services industries.

Millennials are continuing to rent long after starting their careers in order to have flexibility in their housing situations. Boomers are entering other professions and often renting as they test the waters of their new geographical locations. Many of those choosing to rent now are more experienced and sophisticated than those just graduating and therefore, require a more comprehensive level of service. Ever increasing globalization brings another key population into the equation, which is made up of expats coming to the United States for assignments, most of whom prefer to rent rather than purchase.

This significantly increased number of renters has consequently decreased rental property inventory. This in conjunction with the demographic shift of renters to those having more heightened demands concerning the level of rental properties for which they are searching, has made the rental assistance industry much more challenging.

PorchLight was founded and specifically designed to meet these needs at every level. Through comprehensive rental research processes, accompanied rental tours, specializing in assisting international inbound expats, having the most experienced network of local experts throughout the U.S. and Canada and continued support until a rental is identified, PorchLight is your program solution for Rental Assistance & Destination Services.


PorchLight Rental & Destination
Services is a Women Owned Business

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