Rental Tours

When you're sick, you contact your doctor. When you have a tooth ache, you contact your dentist. When you need professional home finding for your mobile talent, you contact PorchLight!

At PorchLight, we combine our extensive rental expertise with our trusted network of local professionals. Together we work with your talent to find the right community and home. Your successful outcome begins with the proper people and support in place, just like you expect with your car repair or dental visit.

Much is done to prepare and set expectations. Before the tour, information is provided on areas to ensure the neighborhoods meet the transferee’s lifestyle, school requirements, commute time and housing. Rental listings are provided to ensure that the types of housing available in the price range meet the needs and expectations. This preparation allows for the transferee to have a productive and focused tour viewing only areas and properties that are final contenders…and ultimately results in 8.5 out of 10 signing a lease.


Our Rental Tours Include

  • Thorough needs assessment and expectation setting by PorchLight Staff
  • Guidance in positioning credit concerns and pets
  • Introduction to appropriate rental expert in destination market for accompanied rental tour
  • Tools and lease review to avoid foreclosure and rental scams
  • Qualified rental options based on the Renter’s needs for any type of rental (house, condo, apartments etc.)
  • Support until a rental is identified
  • Rental links sent in advance when possible


Cheryl was an excellent help. She went above and beyond to help connect us with a new home. 5 Stars!

~ LaDeshal C.

Very happy with Porchlight Rental, It was truly a professional and courteous approach received. Samii and Teja assisted me very well and made my movement to Canada a pleasant and nice experience without much hassles. Thanks Porchlight Rental team. Special thanks to Samii and Teja.

~ Shashi M. (India to Toronto)

Loved working with Mo. She communicated market conditions and was so flexible with viewing units. Any questions or concerns I have had, Mo is quick to respond back to me right away. I would recommend using Mo for future searches. She was able to present options to me even with the tough market conditions and my unique relocation needs.

~ Marc S. (Portsmouth NH)

Luciano…was excellent and stayed connected with us during the entire process, including after we had arrived.

~ Jason O. (Frederick MD)

Doug was very knowledgeable and helpful. The whole process was seamless.

~ Jared G. (St. Louis MO)

My experience was amazing! Great communication and great service. I appreciate the attention and focus that both Sheila and Fran provided. Can't thank you enough!!

~ Jose X (Manchester NH)

Sandra did a great job. she listened carefully to our needs and expectations and did a lot of research within a very short time window of just a few days.

~ Martin K. (San Diego)

    Do you have request for Virtual Tours?

    In our fast-paced world, sometimes clients can't visit the destination prior to starting work. In those cases, PorchLight arranges virtual tours following our same professional process and protocol engaging our local rental experts to be the eyes and ears for clients. Through apps and quality communication, we convey all the important details so clients feel comfortable making decisions and securing their new address.


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