Why PorchLight?

When you want to report costs, opportunity for savings and the effectiveness of your relocation policy, what do you do?

You Can Turn to PorchLight

Since 2003, PorchLight has helped professionals like you have concrete data to answer the tough questions. We understand the position you’re in having to advocate for your relocation-stressed employees while also serving your company’s bottom line. You’re expected to understand the relocation services needed and report on how they’re performing for your company. You balance employee feedback with management's need for empirical data to support relocation policies.


Answer with Concrete Data

Imagine having a service that advocates with you, creating seamless home finding and settling-in experiences for your U.S. and Canadian bound employees. Imagine being asked...

"What are our employees really getting out of a rental tour?"

and being able to answer with concrete data.

With PorchLight Rental & Destination Services you have real-time data at your fingertips. You can immediately see:

  • Renters who secured their new address as a result of PorchLight’s service – as demonstrated in graph.
  • The result of all authorizations directed to PorchLight such as those who decided to purchase instead of rent, those who chose to receive a lease review because they had a rental in advance of service.
  • How many services are resulting in  full day tour vs. half day vs. multiple day to better understand how your policies are being used.

Predictable Performance

Industry leaders turn to PorchLight’s predictable performance results when they want to impress clients, transferees and top management. There’s simply no match for this expertise and attention to detail for all involved.

Measure predictable cost savings that can be achieved through effective rental finding.

In this example, a fortune 500 client saved 5545 days in lodging expense because transferees prefer to move directly into their new lease, avoiding a “temporary hotel or corporate apartment”. How much could you save in your relocation budget by providing effective rental finding services through PorchLight?


Current Clients

If you’re a current client, see your Renter Analytics here.


"Orlando was very professional, well-organized, knowledgeable, and proactive, and helped us to secure a lease after 2 days of showings.”

- Dmitry Z.

Everything was well organized and communication throughout the process was great.

~ Ryan S. (Chicago)

I told Deb this already but she is AMAZING! So thoughtful, helpful, and knowledgeable. It felt like she was really looking out for me during the search.

~ Kala C. (Nashville)

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