International Inbound to US & Canada

There is a whole world outside of our comfort zone, especially when moving to a new country. Your talent is already excited, anxious, adventurous yet uncomfortable. Do they also feel supported?

PorchLight Shines at Supporting

PorchLight shines at welcoming and supporting your mobile workforce transitioning to the U.S. and Canada. Relocation can be challenging at many levels, however when you add the element of moving to a new country with the complexities of all the diverse elements and of course the cultural and often language differences, it can be overwhelming. These transferees require a higher level of support than domestic to domestic moves and PorchLight is highly experienced in this area.

Our Arrival Guide

PorchLight is the professional resource helping employees and their families become familiar with their new destination. Establishing banking, learning the area, identifying the perfect home, managing the social security process, and obtaining a driver’s license and vehicle registration are often vital needs of transferring employees. PorchLight’s counseling and Electronic Arrival Guide aids employees and families with having the necessary documents and an understanding of the process and timeline for addressing all of their needs. See this video for a sneak peek at what your transferees receive.


Arrival Services

We offer a full suite of services, the most comon being

  • Area acclimation
  • School-finding and appointments
  • Set up a bank account
  • Apply for social security card
  • Rental-finding, diplomatic clause and lease review
  • Move in walk through inspection
  • How to use appliances
  • Mobile phone, insurance, utility, English language course information
  • Driver’s license process
  • Assistance purchasing/leasing a car or how to import a vehicle
  • Vehicle registration
  • Learn about the new community – a review of the different types of medical facilities, where to play ball, exercise; find dog parks, family fun activities, dance, music lessons, kids’ sporting activities and more.

You can depend on PorchLight Rental & Destination Services for all of your international inbound needs. Learn more by clicking here or calling us at 888.622.4325.



Everyone has been so friendly and helpful especially local expert Kristie who was on hand to answer any questions I had…Awesome service thank you.

– Howard J. (UK to Los Angeles)

Need More Information?

Download our Arrival Guide

Need More Information?

Download Our Arrival Guide
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