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Expats Moving to the USA-Three Common Challenges

Relocating to a different country takes a lot of patience, trust and willingness to learn and fit into a new culture. The comforts of home are no longer at your fingertips but the experiences and adventures of relocating into the United States are enough to convince anyone to take on this venture.

There have been many expats who have had to relocate into the United States and unfortunately, many of them have had to learn the hard way about the difficulties this move can bring. But if you know about the three common challenges before relocating, you can gather enough information to be better prepared.

  1. Getting a social security number, driver’s license, and bank account. The number one thing to do when you first arrive in the United States is to apply for a social security number. This will help you get established as a resident in the United States and will help you get your driver’s license which will further get you a bank account set up. These are all important and cannot work without the other. Often Expats don’t realize that in order to get paid at their new position, they will need a bank account.
  2. Credit history. Any established credit you have in your home country won’t travel with you in your new location, regardless of how good, or bad, it is. In the U.S., as you establish yourself you will begin to build credit history and therefore what is referenced as a credit score. Your credit score will help you get a home rental, many types of loans and credit cards. In times of turmoil, there are also companies that can assist you because they specialize in services such as bad credit loans guaranteed approval. Your credit history is important for your future in the United States and should not be taken lightly. There are companies that specialize in assisting international inbound transferees with bad credit, which can be very helpful when applying for loans.
  3. Securing a new home. If you are unable to get the above two potential issues ironed out, finding a home is going to be difficult. Most likely, you don’t have a lot of time to look for a home. Being denied for home loans or having your rental application declined can be especially upsetting. The home finding process is generally successful for most transferees. However, not having credit established or a driver’s license prior to beginning your new home search, can make the process difficult and at times discouraging.

Make sure you prepare questions for any relocation assistance professionals you may have access to and do as much research as you can; not just about the country, but about the city and state in which you will be residing. There are rules and guidelines that are unique to each city.

If you can, speak with others who have relocated before and get their input on what they wish they would have known or done before making the big move.

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