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Corporate Destination Services from PorchLight Rental

PorchLight Rental and Destination Services helps ease the stress and logistical hassles involved with a relocation. We provide a full range of destination consultant assistance, offering both value to employers and invaluable hands-on help for employees.

What are destination services? Corporate destination services include all of the specific services that help a transferee smoothly become acclimated to his or her new city or country. This includes relocation and rental assistance, along with a full range of settling-in services. This may also include local assistance to aid with acclimation, and ongoing support over a period of time beyond initial or immediate assistance.

All of these services require local experts who are able to guide transferees, while also connecting them with additional local services. It requires a proven leader in the field who has a track record of successfully managing such relocations.

PorchLight Rental and Destination Services offers a full suite of such services, and always produces winning results. Learn more by contacting our team directly at 888.622.4325 or by clicking here, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.