Intern Housing

Our solution helps you attract future talent with ease. PorchLight solves the short-term lease dilemma interns face while providing cost containment companies want.

Benchmarking data reports that intern housing is among the top 3 challenges for companies offering intern programs.

If that’s your company’s experience… PorchLight is your solution.

Whether your intern program runs through an RMC or directly through your organization, PorchLight creates the professional support and duty of care interns need while providing the cost containment companies want.

At PorchLight, interns receive personalized, professional rental finding assistance to locate affordable short-term housing. Interns access the housing options on their PorchLight RentLINK app. They choose the options they like best, contact the properties to discuss details and PorchLight reviews the final lease prior to the intern signing. Interns pay the monthly rent and the company pays a one-time service fee, per intern, for PorchLight’s support.


PorchLight’s Internship Housing Solution Includes:

  • Professional guidance to educate interns on the rental market and how to navigate their housing options

  • Facilitation of roommate coordination to offset housing costs

  • Sourcing short-term leases within the intern’s parameters including university housing solutions available in the location

  • Intern receives housing options through the PorchLight RentLINK app accessible on any mobile device

  • Intern selects the best option and contacts property to begin lease process

  • PorchLight conducts lease review prior to intern signing mitigating risk for both parties

  • Ongoing rental finding support is provided until a lease is identified

Simple, Self Directed...and Delivered on a Mobile Device

RentLINK™ from PorchLight



PorchLight speaks with Intern to understand:

  • Commute, budget, other needs
  • Willing to rent a room or have a roommate? (If so, we’ll connect those interns.)

PorchLight confirms market conditions and rental search begins 30-40 days in advance of move-in date

PorchLight researches options including university housing and sends app invitation to view rental options

Intern contacts landlords to see/discuss properties

Continued support if additional options are needed

Lease review


"Orlando was very professional, well-organized, knowledgeable, and proactive, and helped us to secure a lease after 2 days of showings.”

- Dmitry Z.

Everything was well organized and communication throughout the process was great.

~ Ryan S. (Chicago)

I told Deb this already but she is AMAZING! So thoughtful, helpful, and knowledgeable. It felt like she was really looking out for me during the search.

~ Kala C. (Nashville)

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