Transferee Savings Calculator

Estimate the potential savings of your temporary housing spend with the addition of rental assistance. Enter total transferees to see the savings for yourself!

Relocation Benefits
Without PorchLight
With PorchLight Number of transferees
Corporate housing $4,830
(30 Nights @ $161 per night*)
(15 day hotel @ $124.00 per night°)
Rental finding support
0 $895
Total cost to employer $4,830 $2,855.65
Savings to employer 0 $1,860.00 Savings: $0

*Average cost of corporate housing in 2017 $161 per night. Corporate Housing Statistics

°15 day hotel @ $124.00 per night. Average Daily Hotel Rate

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What Next?

  • Is your RMC using PorchLight?
    If you have an outsourced program through a Relocation Management Company, are they using PorchLight’s service to support your renters? If so, let’s set up a time to review your Renter Analytics reports and cost savings opportunities.
  • Not using PorchLight yet?
    If your Relocation Management Company does NOT use PorchLight, schedule a call with us to see how to make these costs savings a reality. We can involve your Relocation Management Company representative at any stage of our discovery process.

What you’ll get from a review…

  • An understanding of renter trends to help you create the best relocation program.
  • Insight about measurable, performance based rental finding and demonstration of ROI for your company’s relocation program.
  • Solutions for renters moving to challenging or more remote areas.

What should you consider about your current relocation program to best determine opportunity for improvement and cost savings?

  • How many renters does your company move per year?
  • Do you provide temporary housing as a standard benefit with relocation?
  • What are the average number of days your transferees are spending in temporary housing
  • What are you spending for temporary housing per transferee?
  • What challenges do your renters experience when moving with pets, blemished credit?
  • What challenges are you experiencing if renters are moving to more remote locations?

Find out how our Renter Analytics can SAVE YOU MONEY and improve your relocation program overall. Email or call 888-622-4325.