Corporate Destination Services from PorchLight Rental

PorchLight Rental and Destination Services helps ease the stress and logistical hassles involved with a relocation. We provide a full range of destination consultant assistance, offering both value to employers and invaluable hands-on help for employees.

What are destination services? Corporate destination services include all of the specific services that help a transferee smoothly become acclimated to his or her new city or country. This includes relocation and rental assistance, along with a full range of settling-in services. This may also include local assistance to aid with acclimation, and ongoing support over a period of time beyond initial or immediate assistance.

Experts In Rentals

We are destination services consultants focused on rental finding services. Businesses want to keep their new talent happy, especially when they’re relocating to join your team. At PorchLight, we are dedicated to finding the right address for your talent — and we have the metrics to prove our success. Our thorough approach includes:

Rental Tours:

We merge our deep rental knowledge with a reliable network of local experts. PorchLight partners with you and your relocating employee to discover the ideal community and residence. Preparation and expectation-setting are key priorities. We furnish details on various areas, ensuring alignment with the employee’s lifestyle, school preferences, commute needs, and housing desires.

Rental Listings:

PorchLight destination consulting includes RentLINK™. Economical for companies, RentLINK™ gives transferees the freedom to work from listings and the alternative to view properties at their leisure. We know transferees have many things to accomplish while they are in their new cities. Having the ability to set their own schedules and tour on their own can help ease the stress.

Area Candidate Tours

Let PorchLight show your new hire around. An area tour introduces individuals and their families to a new location and everything it has to offer. Our tours are tailored to their specific needs and can include an explanation of school ratings, housing options, lifestyle preferences, transportation, and more.

Lease Review

At PorchLight, lease reviews are a critical part of our work as destination services consultants. Time constraints and pressure to sign can lead to lease problems, sometimes requiring employers to step in. PorchLight’s lease review service helps to avoid these pitfalls by ensuring clarity in lease agreements and negotiating terms to be as favorable as possible to the renter. Our diligent reviews provide peace of mind for all parties involved in domestic or international relocations.

Lump Sum Solutions

PorchLight provides a comprehensive online solution, integrating electronic tools with local expertise to cater to the increasing lump sum relocation population. With more than 40 percent of employers offering such assistance, PorchLight addresses the challenges renters face by combining experience and research to meet their needs.

Our Settling In Services Ensure Satisfaction

Whether your transfer is relocating on their own or with a family in tow, a successful relocation includes a smooth settling in process. Guided by research, data, and experience, PorchLight utilizes a host of services and tools to make the transition smooth and successful. These include:

Area Acclimation Tours

Allow PorchLight to warmly welcome your talent’s family and acquaint them with the essentials of their new hometown. Acclimation tours encompass shopping, healthcare facilities, recreational amenities, family activities, and even local traffic regulations. Your transfer will learn about their new community as we focus on their priorities and interests.

School Search Assistance

Finding the best schools is crucial during relocation. Often, this factor dictates which community a family chooses. Yet, it’s a significant challenge, especially in unfamiliar locations or countries. That’s why we provide hands-on school-finding support throughout the U.S. and Canada.

International Inbound

With years of destination consulting experience, PorchLight excels at assisting mobile workforce transitions to the U.S. and Canada from anywhere in the world. Relocating to a new country adds layers of complexity, including cultural and language differences. PorchLight provides specialized support tailored to these individuals, drawing on extensive experience in international relocations.

Lease Review

Lease reviews are a vital part of destination consulting. Professionals from PorchLight help protect renters from complex leases, often mediating between employees and landlords. This service guarantees clarity, offering peace of mind in both domestic and international relocations.

Departure Services

When an assignment ends or an employee leaves a business, PorchLight assists with departure preparations, managing notice to vacate, move-out inspections, security deposit recovery, utility cancellations, repairs, and move-out requirements, ensuring a smooth transition at the end of an assignment.

All of these services require local experts who are able to guide transferees, while also connecting them with additional local services. It requires a proven leader in the field who has a track record of successfully managing such relocations.

Choose PorchLight As Your Destination Services Consultant

PorchLight Rental and Destination Services offers a full suite of such services, and always produces winning results. Learn more by contacting our team directly at 888.622.4325 or by clicking here, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.