Honing Our “KRAFT”

Hello again from Diane and welcome back to PorchLight’s new 5-minuteish communications that hopefully leaves you informed and inspired. As the industry leader in everything rental for decades — two decades this year to be exact — we wanted to move forward with info that educates and motivates us all to do better and be better. Join us in 2023 as we pay tribute to our early believers who helped us become first in everything rental since 2003.

Diane Ayres
President, PorchLight Rental & Destination Services

Retired Senior Relocation Manager, Larry Gersch, of Kraft Foods is the first to help us celebrate our 20-Year Anniversary with these kind words:

“In an era when the focus was all about cost and service to the relocating homeowner, PorchLight came along and solved a problem we experienced in helping the relocating renter. With half of Kraft’s relocation population being renters, we were forced to upgrade that assistance with changes to policy and services to truly help those who rent. PorchLight fit the bill! They had all the answers to the concerns Kraft renters were dealing with and customer service that met our in-house delivery of service. The passion among their team – especially Diane Ayres – was so beneficial in our belief we had chosen the right firm.

Congratulations on 20 years of service and be proud of your achievements!”

Follow the Leaders
America’s largest multinational home improvement retail giant continues to trust its most valued asset – its people – to the most trusted name in rental and destination services throughout the United States and Canada. Why? Because expert guidance is guaranteed at PorchLight. Read more about our renter analytics.

What does a leader look like to you?

The industry, the world needs strong leaders now more than ever. Know someone leading the way in your company or community you’d like to highlight? Share your thoughts with us at info@porchlightrental.com and if we feature them in a post, you’ll receive an e-gift certificate to express our appreciation for your participation and celebrating leaders with us.

Notable & Quotable “Leadership is action, not position.” – Donald H. McGannon

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