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PorchLight is proud to partner with CreditStacks to assist our international inbound transferees!

Every professional moving to the U.S. faces the credit paradox: No matter how much a person earns or how stellar of a track-record he or she might have – most banks won’t extend credit or issue cards without local employment history. The CreditStacks card is a revolutionary product that flips the script on the credit paradox. High credit line with great terms from day one. Even without local employment history or SSN.

I don’t have an SSN – Can I apply?
Yes. You can apply without an SSN and without any local credit history. You will need to provide your passport, visa information and proof of income in the U.S. Once you obtain your SSN, you will be required to provide it to CreditStacks.

Can I apply before I move to the U.S.?
Sure. CreditStacks wants to be available for you from your first day in the U.S. You should go ahead and apply as part of getting ready for your big move. As long as your expected relocation date is in 60 days or less, you can simply apply – and they’ll make sure you get your card as early as possible after your arrival in the U.S. If your expected relocation date is in more than 60 days, and you meet the required criteria – you will be pre-qualified and will be able to submit an application 60 days or less prior to your expected relocation date.

How can you help me build my credit score?
By using CreditStacks’ substantially higher credit limit (up to $5,000) and making your payments by the due date, you can rapidly start building your credit score. We report your credit utilization to the Credit Bureaus, so that other credit suppliers (banks, lenders, etc.) can quickly learn you are a strong and credible customer. In addition, CreditStacks will provide you with guidelines, recommendations and best-practices on maximizing your credit use in a manner that will contribute to your credit score.

I already have a U.S. bank account! Can I still get the card?
Yes. Your bank may be unable to provide you with a prime-grade credit card because you don’t have a local credit history. They may issue you a debit card or a secured credit card with a low credit limit. CreditStacks offers an independent credit card account, and you will be able to pay your balance using your bank account.

What makes CreditStacks the right credit card for me?
As an international employee in the United States, you lack the local credit history that makes you eligible for a prime-grade credit card. Even with a high-income and an impressive track record you may be declined. The CreditStacks credit card is currently the only prime credit card offered to individuals like you – high-earning, highly educated employees, with no local credit history, but with a strong financial potential. CreditStacks offers you a high credit limit (up to $5,000) and the best-in-class terms, in order to allow you to build credit and fully realize your financial potential.

Visit this link to learn more details about the program:
To learn more download PorchLight’s Newcomer’s Guide to Building Credit in the U.S. here
And to file an application for credit, follow this link for step-by-step instructions:

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