Corporate Relocation Rental Assistance

PorchLight has the experience and expertise you can depend on for rental assistance and settling-in services across the U.S. and Canada.

Offering Corporate relocation services allows organizations to expand their talent searches nationally or even globally, enhancing their access to a diverse pool of skilled candidates. Robust relocation packages also reflect positively on the company’s brand, aiding in talent acquisition. Additionally, such packages foster employee retention by demonstrating the company’s commitment to its workforce. Offering rental assistance and settling in services as part of a relocation package is attractive to both new domestic and international talent and transferring employees. But the ROI for the company is even more compelling…faster productivity, family acclimation, greater retention and overall savings on relocation because once a home is found, temporary housing and household storage is no longer needed or extended.

At PorchLight, our corporate rental assistance results in an 84 percent success rate for leases signed, and our added services help ease the burdens associated with daunting and complex relocations.

With a national team of corporate relocation specialists, we’re able to offer on-the-ground insight and real local knowledge. Our services can also be scaled to match any criteria, and results are always tailored to the needs and preferences of the transferee.

With a national team we’re able to offer on-the-ground insight and real local knowledge. Our services can also be scaled to match any, criteria and results are always tailored to the needs and preferences of the transferee.

What is Relocation Rental Assistance?

Relocation Rental Assistance is one of a variety of corporate relocation services companies provide to their employees who are relocating for work. It involves personalized rental finding support from local experts who provide area insights, pre-qualified rentals for viewing, and lease reviews to protect employees from unfavorable leasing terms. Companies who wish to offer this assistance see more successful relocation results.

This assistance can take various forms, including:

  1. Financial Reimbursement: Company policy will often cover lease break fees associated with a lease in the origination location. For expat moves, Companies may offer reimbursement or direct payment for expenses related to renting a home, such as security deposits, rental application fees, and monthly rent payments.
  2. Rental Search Assistance: Companies may provide resources and assistance to help employees find suitable rental properties in the new location. This could involve working with relocation specialists or real estate agents who are familiar with the local rental market to identify options that meet the employee’s needs and preferences.
  3. Lease Review: Companies may offer assistance for employees to have a lease review prior to signing the leasing contract. This measure ensures that employees understand the terms of their rental agreements and can secure favorable terms that align with their needs.

Overall, Corporate Relocation Rental Assistance aims to support employees in finding suitable housing options in their new location, making the relocation process smoother and less stressful. By providing local expertise, financial support, guidance, and resources, companies can help employees settle into their new surroundings more quickly and effectively.


Features of Corporate Rental Assistance

Corporate rental assistance, a corporate relocation service that is attractive to employees, may be handled via our interactive online platform, Plan & Pay. It’s designed to serve lump sum moves by offering services employees can purchase if needed, including telephone consultations with local rental experts for area insights or curated rental listings to expedite their search and guided rental and area tours for an even more personalized approach.

A one-of-a-kind solution, Plan & Pay connects users to certified local experts and comprehensive resources to help them find the neighborhood and rental home, apartment, or condo that fits their lifestyle and budget.

Users are able to:

  • Talk with local market experts
  • Explore area demographics, crime statistics, and school ratings and identify neighborhoods matching their lifestyle
  • Receive curated rental listings based on their needs
  • Schedule rental tours with a local rental expert to manage the search, viewing appointment and area overview

Why PorchLight?

Established in 2003, PorchLight is the pioneering national rental assistance company in the United States, uniquely dedicated to serving renters in transition. Our comprehensive process, adept research team, extensive rental agent network, and commitment to guiding transferees and new hires through lease signing yield impressive results, including reduced relocation costs, 95 percent transferee satisfaction, and securing rentals for 84 percent of transferees.

While cost savings for companies and individuals is paramount, PorchLight also prioritizes streamlining the relocation process to save your employees time. Through expert guidance, transferees and new hires receive assistance in selecting suitable neighborhoods and targeted rental properties, alleviating stress and facilitating successful moves. This approach enhances employee productivity and minimizes corporate temporary housing expenses.

Learn more about how we can help your employees and your business with company rental assistance and settling-in services by calling 888.622.4325 or clicking here today.

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