10 Ways to Help Improve Your Moving Day

  1. Make your arrangements in advance. This may seem pretty obvious, but it’s easy to let things fall to the side and be forgotten about in the jumble of moving. Make a list of what you need to do before moving day. This includes looking for moving companies or residential movers to help you on the actual moving day. If you need to, spread what needs to be completed over a couple of weeks. You may also need to rent a self storage unit for temporary safekeeping during the move. You can visit some reliable websites similar to https://www.henfieldstorage.co.uk/self-storage/sussex, if you want to find the safest and reliable storage services.
  2. Vacuum seal items. According to https://onestopselfstorage.com/8-items-that-shouldnt-be-kept-in-a-storage-unit/ this website, this will maximize your space within the boxes and will also help make the clothing easier to arrange around other items.
  3. Sell/donate unwanted clothing and household goods. Selling your items may be fairly time consuming however, there will probably be some things you don’t want to give away. Make two piles, one for sale and one you would be willing to donate. Best time to do this? When you’re getting ready to pack.
  4. Use clothes to wrap around fragile items. If you don’t want to vacuum seal your clothes, use them to wrap around fragile items. Just make sure you remember and don’t grab them out of the packing box in a hurry and cause something to break.
  5. Put your “need immediately” items in a clear container and pack last. There is nothing more frustrating than needing something in a box at the back of the moving van. Make a list of what you’ll need your first night in your new home and pack these items last so they are easily accessible.
  6. Number your boxes. Did you have 17 boxes, or 18? Make sure you know how many you’re moving with and number them on the outside. If you want to get really organized, write out (generally) what each box contains on a piece of paper. That way you’ll know what is where, and you’ll have a recording of how many boxes you have.
  7. Photograph the backs of your electronics. If you are taking things apart to move, it’s easy to forget how to put them back together. If you have a visual aid, this can help you quickly figure out how to get it assembled again. These corner tv mounts are light weight and easy to assemble.
  8. File a change of address form at post office. While it may seem obvious to do this, it is easily forgotten. Keep in mind that this should be done two weeks before you actually move to ensure your mail gets to you.
  9. Keep important papers with you. It may be tempting to pack these papers away, but it is a better idea to keep better track of them. Social security cards, insurance papers and birth certificates should all be kept with you during the move so they don’t get lost.
  10. Pack overnight bag with all essentials. If you are traveling a far distance to get to your new home, make sure you have a bag with the things you will need once you arrive. Most likely you’ll be tired when you get there and not in the mood to unpack. Having a bag ready with your pajamas, tooth brush and other toiletries will allow you to get some rest for the unpacking days ahead of you.

Moving isn’t easy but with the help of a professional home removals company, it can be manageable. Use these tips to lessen the stress on your moving day.

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