15 Tasks to Complete in the Weeks Surrounding Your Move

The time has come and your almost there! But a few more choices remain regarding your relocation! Use this check list to help make sure you don’t miss some important details that can make your move as easy as possible, and make sure to hire a home inspector for professional home inspection services!

  1. Research moving options and choose the best option for you and your family. Are you going to do it yourself or have professional movers? If you’re going to opt for movers, we are proud to be the most trusted moving company in Los Angeles, CA. When you are looking for local movers near me, look no further than our firm, which provides the best moving services in Los Angeles area.
  2. Schedule the moving truck 3-4 weeks prior to your expected move date.
  3. Complete a change of address form on USPS.com a week prior to moving.
  4. Update all personal accounts with your new address. Bank accounts, credit cards, cell phone account, car insurance policies, health insurance policies, stock, retirement plans, and magazine subscriptions need to be changed. Also, don’t forget about your social media and online shopping accounts. Amazon, Etsy, PayPal, and Ebay will need your new shipping address!
    • QUICK TIP for when your mind is blank on what all needs to be changed: go through your email and make a list of companies and websites that you purchase from or utilize on a regular basis.
  5. According to experts like Moffett Plumbing & Air, research the cable, internet, water, plumbing, electric and other essential companies in your new town by searching online; for example you can search for a plumber near me or contact a professional company such as Dean’s Plumbing.  Find out the quality of tap water in the area you’re moving to. This way you’ll know if you need to install a Commercial Water Purification system or a water service replacement in your new home or workplace. If you are researching Edmonton electricity rates, then you’ve come to the right place. Call to schedule disconnection of service at your current residence and setup service at your new home. Some companies require a 1-2 week advance notice prior to your move in order to connect your services on your move in date. If you’re going to setup a business on your new location, it pays dividends to also research important details such as business broadband comparison.
  6. Research doctors and dentists in your new town. Ask anyone you know in your new location for a referral, as well as search for online referrals. Call your insurance company to make sure that the chosen physician is in your network.
  7. Call your child’s new school and find out the process for moving school records from their current school to the new school, as well as what documentation needs to be provided to enroll your child in their new school.
  8. If you plan on donating clothes and other items that you’ve purged while packing for your move, call the charity 1-2 weeks prior to your move date. Most organizations will come pick up the items from your current house if given ample notice.
  9. If you plan to have a garage sale prior to moving, make sure to have it close enough to the move date that you’re not overflowing with random unwanted items, but still allow enough time to box and bag the leftover or unsold items to take to the charity dropbox.
  10. Call your bank or go online and order a new box of checks that has your new address on them.
  11. Research to find what drugstore is closest to your new home. Call your current drugstore and speak with someone to transfer your prescriptions to your new drugstore.
  12. Back up your computer. It’s very wise to purchase an external hard drive and backup your computer files prior to moving. Just in case the unthinkable happens to your computer during the move, you won’t be stressed out about losing all your beloved pictures, documents, and data.
  13. If you plan on taking your appliances with you (specifically the washing machine and refrigerator), make sure to defrost the refrigerator, as well as set the washing machine outside to drain all of the water out 1-2 days prior to moving. You definitely don’t want these things leaking on your boxes in the moving truck! According to pros like Home Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., for the HVAC units, you must learn if there are already ducts in your home or if you’re going for a ductless system. If you find yourself needing a ductless unit, then visit sites like airmaxsc.com/services/cooling/ductless-ac/ or contact a professional company such as Energy Pro Heating & Cooling. You can find more info here. After that, you would need to hire an air conditioning contractor to install your air conditioning unit. Check out services like Global Cooling AC Installation in Oakland, FL and see if they can service your area for ac installation or air conditioning repair. If you want to learn more about HVAC repairs, learn more about Buric Heating and Air Conditioning and their services here. If there is an existing HVAC system in your new place that needs an air conditioning repair, get a local hvac company like these Heating services near Plano to service the system and make sure it’s in good working condition (» view page). According to experts like Home Service Heroes Blown-In Insulation, for the insulation of your home, you should ensure that your home’s insulation is at an adequate level. So you may want to learn about installing spray foam insulation because it’s cost-efficient, for instance. Experts like T.E. Spall & Son / AC Tune up say that some machines require special bolts to keep the inside tub in place so that it doesn’t get damaged in your move. After settling in your new home, some of your appliances might also require some installation, like air conditioning installation, for example. You can learn more about it and visit their website here. For other HVAC system repairs like furnace repair or furnace replacement, you may check out sites like https://www.airnowhvac.com/heating-services/furnaces/ for additional guidance.
  14. Shortly after moving into your new place, make sure to go to the local DMV to update the information on your driver’s license. Call ahead of time to see what documentation or proof of move the new DMV requires.
  15. After you get settled in your new home, don’t forget to check on new license plate registration and/or inspection stickers. This is especially important if you are moving to another state. Each state has their own laws in regards to vehicle registration, tags, insurance, and other relevant information. Call your new town’s tax assessor office to obtain this information.
  16. According to this top rated local restoration company, inspect your home for water or mold damage so it can get treated before it gets worse.
  17. Lastly, check on the heating system such as your furnace so you would know what to do or where to look when it needs repairs.

And remember to breathe…in a few short weeks you’ll be all settled in to your new place and life will get back to normal!

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