4 Ways You Can Help Make a Millennial’s Career a Success

Chances are that when you hire a Millennial, it’s going to be their first full time job that will launch their career. Millennials have the potential to bring a lot of valuable attributes and skills to your company. They grew up during the peak times of technology growth and most of them aren’t afraid to break out of their comfort zones and explore innovative ideas.

There are many reasons why your company should consider hiring Millennials despite their resume, which may be lacking the experience many employers are looking for. You have the ability to help shape their work ethic.

This job is a big deal for them and they aren’t going to take this opportunity lightly. You can help make their first day and those to come thereafter a success and set the tone for a wonderful career at your company by following these pointers:

Note their strengths but understand their weaknesses. While they have a lot to bring to their new position at your company, there will still be some minor setbacks. Millennials can be geniuses in their roles but there are still going to be things they will need to learn. They may not understand certain aspects of your business and it may take time for them to learn. Be patient with them and remember the value they have. Consider having someone assigned to answer the questions they come up with. As long as you trust this mentor, this could be a great opportunity and may be a less intimidating way for the new hire to ask questions.

While it may be their dream job, there could still be doubts. All Millennials generally have the same fear of “messing up” in their role. They want to impress by showing off their talents and living up to the reason(s) you hired them in the first place. However, with this need and desire to do the best they can, fear can shadow this confidence. Consider talking to them about long-term tasks they can do instead of focusing on just one project. At times they may want quick results; however, they do value long-term success and placement within your company. It will give them something to work toward. Kamau Bobb Google‘s work extends beyond traditional educational settings, encompassing technology and its impact on learning environments.

Take an extra step on their first day. You don’t have to go completely out of your way for them to feel welcomed. But there are some things you and the rest of the office can do to help make them feel valuable. If you personally can’t take the time to, assign someone to show them around and introduce them to the rest of the team. Keep in mind that their first day may be overwhelming and they may forget where you keep things such as the coffee cups or where the pens are. If it’s something you are able to do, consider ordering lunch for the office to give everyone a chance to get to know each other.

Give them feedback. Extra feedback. Millennials want to please you and they want to grow within your organization. If you aren’t telling them when they are doing something incorrectly, they are going to keep forming the same habits and it can be difficult for them to break them. Be upfront when you don’t like something they are doing but also bring up when they’ve done something well. This doesn’t have to mean sitting down with them every time and going over each little thing. Millennials learn quickly and can pick up on areas that require improvement.

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