Happy Anniversary, PorchLight!

7305 DAYS.  20 YEARS.  2 DECADES.

We can’t believe it! Sometimes I feel I can count the 10,512,000 minutes of hard work, good luck, sleepless nights, and sheer faith that it took to get here. Back in 2003, the industry was skeptical of PorchLight’s ability to deliver:

  • Nationwide rental finding coverage – anywhere and everywhere renters needed support;
  • Ongoing assistance beyond the rental home finding policy to truly support renters until a new home was identified;
  • Measurable performance that demonstrated our effectiveness at finding our valued customers homes but also providing our valued clients the evidence they needed to demonstrate to management rental finding services were effective and worthwhile.

20 Years Strong and Still Smiling.

Meet the PorchLight team. Back row left to right: Kim, Amber, Sharon, Ian, Christa, Katie, Breanna, Rachel. Second row left to right: JessLynn, Samii, Linda, Kathy, Fran, Krisen. Front Row left to right: Danielle, Amy, Janet, Diane, Lina, Rose. Not pictured, Jessica and Farrell. Continued thanks to all these bright and brilliant folks.

No doubt, this year is a milestone.

First and foremost, we thank those clients who believed in PorchLight’s mission 20 years ago (many who are still with us today) and those who believe in us now. Stay tuned as this year PorchLight walks down memory lane while we prepare for an even brighter future.

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