8 Steps for Stress Free Moving

Statistically, Americans on average will move once every five years. With so many people moving as often as that, a list to make the process easier is needed more than ever. To make it even more bearable and easier, you may hire professional movers from a local moving company to help you. For items that need special handling and care like a grand piano, there are professional piano movers you can rely on. Furthermore, a storage unit may be needed to temporarily store your belongings while on the move.

Here are 13 tips for stress free Moving Home you wish you had the first time you packed up and settled into a new home.

  1. Pack all the items you will need immediately and put them in the moving truck last. You want to have easy and quick access to items you know you can’t risk losing or forgetting where you put them. By saving them to pack last, they will be in the first boxes when unpacking. You may also instruct the residential local movers how to arrange the boxes so you’ll be able to access the items you need easily. If there are any items you don’t want to bring anymore, you can quickly dispose of them. Here is some Advice on How to Recycle Scrap to Make Money. By knowing about this, almost all of the waste can be recycled in a proper manner with the help of services such as waste collection dublin.
  2. Wrap all of your items and take the time to make sure they are secure. The last thing you want is to drop a piece of art or something valuable to you and it not have any protection. Invest in proper wrapping supplies.
  3. Label all of your items, specifically and not too generally. Don’t just write “kitchen” on a box. Try and organize, if you can, the boxes so that they read “kitchen utensils” or “kitchen appliances” and it will make trying to find things much easier.
  4. Get to your new home a day or so before your belongings arrive. Spend some time doing carpet cleaning, waxing the floors and having a floor cleaning service, washing the walls and deep cleaning the surfaces so when your things come, you’re putting them on sanitized countertops and dusted shelves. If you just don’t have the energy to do some cleaning, you can always employ the services of professionals such as move out cleaning Tucson.
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  5. Purchase a roll of stretch wrap. This will help keep items grouped together secure and save you time when unpacking.
  6. Don’t forget to defrost the refrigerator.
  7. Don’t concentrate on having neatly stacked boxes. It’s an unnecessary step and you will only be angry at yourself when you have to mess them up. Instead, organize them by room.
  8. Invite your new neighbors over for a potluck dinner. This will be a great way to meet the families in the neighborhood and an event that won’t take too much planning, or require a lot of money spent since everyone contributes. Wait a couple of weeks after you’ve settled in so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

To make the move easier for your family, hiring professional movers or a house removals company is the way to go. If your new home needs some work, you may need to find a self storage unit where you can keep your belongings while the renovations are being done. You can go online to search for available self storage facilities that can provide the best storage units and read some reviews before making a decision.

What has helped you when moving? Any tips you would like to share? Comment below!

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