Human Service vs Tech Service

A recent read in ROBOMOP was quite shocking. Tons of facts and figures about BIG name industry giants, like Amazon, testing humanoid robots. They dangle arms and legs. They never get tired. Profit margins will be noticeable, etc. BUT NOT A WORD ABOUT SERVICE. As we navigate these changing times and an employment world of uncertainty – literally and figuratively – we at PorchLight honor the shining efforts our team brings to the table each and every day. And most importantly, the care and kindness they show to everyone who comes to us to secure a home. Amazon Tests Humanoid Robots



Speaking of service, isn’t it nice to have hard work recognized? Recently, NEI’s Michelle Moore and Janell Anderson honored the PorchLight team for service excellence to their company and their clients. We pride ourselves on our service model of rental support until an address is secured. It continues to produce the highest service ratings and quality outcomes.

Thanks again, NEI. How can PorchLight serve you?

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