Apps that are “App-solutely” Helpful When Moving (or anytime!)

Many cell phone users have their staple apps, but here are a few that you may not have! Consider some of these that might help when you are moving from one city to another to help you manage your new area!


Around Me is a great app similar to GPS type apps that show locations for ATM’s, gas stations, hotels, hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, movies, restaurants, and more!

Gogobot is personalized for your preference! Read ratings and reviews and find things for the family to do together, places to go shopping or dining, entertainment options and more! The app allows you to save your favorite locations or places to check out.

Yelp is used by millions of people to get great reviews on EVERYTHING. Whether you need to find a new doctor or dentist, school, veterinarian, hairdresser, or more, this app has over 70 million reviews that will point you in the right direction…and give you the address to get there!


OfferUp and Wallapop are virtual local yard sales. It only takes minutes to post an item for sale or search for something you need. Great for avoiding wait time for something in the mail or searching all over town for a certain item. Pictures, reviews, and more are available to help you make a decision! And it’s extremely helpful for decluttering before or after your move! If you’re in the same situation like me, after you’ve organized everything you want to keep, get rid of the things you don’t need. Then also have a look at this excellent rugs sale in the UK as they have some really cheap deals on awesome rugs. You can also sell electronics/furniture online, have a garage sale, refurbish items that can be reused, take recyclable items to the recycling center instead of putting them in the trash and donate the rest to charity or throw it away. You might also consider selling your old stuff on Backflip.

Enhance your social life:

Meetup is an awesome new app to help get your social life started in your new town. Unlike other social apps, this one focuses on connecting you with groups of people in your area that share the same interests. Whether you’re interested in books, fitness, pets, photography, or finding moms in your new area, this app is perfect for you! There’s even a group for new people in town! The app is free, but you must subscribe to organize a “meetup”. Unlimited 1-month subscription is $9.99. Now compatible with the Apple Watch, too!

LinkedIn is a great app for staying connected both casually and professionally. Whether you’re searching for a new job, connecting with old and new colleagues, coworkers, and friends, checking out your new employer, or staying on top of business tips, this app is extremely useful! It also allows you to message your connections, search for people you know, and more!

Bandsintown is such a unique app for music lovers. It keeps you up to date on live music and concerts in your area, syncs and plays your preferred music, and even lets you buy concert tickets in app!

Get Transportation and Traffic Tips

Gas Buddy is extremely helpful in locating gas stations and comparing fuel prices in your area. It’s as easy as entering your new zip code!

Google Maps, Moovit, Transit App, and Waze are great apps to help you navigate your new town. Check out these apps to find one that has your new location and that best fits you! Things like the best ways to get live public transit updates or traffic information, like road blocks and construction areas, to finding nearby gas stations and the best routes to your destination are right at your fingertips.

Uber and Lyft are great apps to use when you need a local ride. No need for reservations or waiting in a long taxi line. Most of these drivers are just regular local people that drive on the side. The rides are relaxed and friendly and the drivers can give great tips on the area!

Keep Connected:

Wi-Fi Finder uses GPS to locate the closest available Wi-Fi spot near you. It also describes the type of location (store, gas station, coffee bar, etc) and states whether it charges a fee for use or is free. The app also has a function that allows you to save the location to remember for later! It located hotspots in over 50,000 cities worldwide!

Overwhelmed by your to-do list?

TaskRabbit can save the day! This app matches you up with the perfect helper for your task. With over 30,000 helpers that have been background checked, screened, and interviewed to help with your needs, this app shows ratings and reviews from all types of people employed to help others with their to-do list tasks. If creating a net list is also a struggle to you, tools like Free Todo List Templates would be life-changing.

Whether you need help cleaning your home, walking the dog, running errands, putting together furniture or a million other things, this app is golden! If you’re thinking of hiring a professional cleaner for your carpet, you can click here.

Stay on top of your business needs:

DocuSign is a life-saving app when arriving in a new town. No need to stress about having to find all the cords for your printer or searching for a full-service print shop until you get your internet connected! DocuSign allows you to import documents from your email straight to the app where you can fill out, sign and date the important documents from anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection. It also allows you to save the documents to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other locations!

LinkedIn is more than a social app. You can create a free profile that acts as a live resume! Whether currently seeking a new job opportunity or not, building contacts (“links”) in your career field can be extremely beneficial for both yourself and your business. People can endorse you in various skill sets, basically providing in-your-face references to anyone that views your profile!

**Disclaimer- not all apps are located in every US city. Check the app to see if yours is listed!

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