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Be the Hero: How a Rental Finding Company Can Make YOU Look Good

Do you feel more like Clark Kent than Superman most days? You bust your tail every day only to receive little recognition, if any; and yet the “blame” of things gone wrong tend to fall onto you?

We’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.
As a professional in your industry, there will always be challenges; but when it comes to rental finding assistance for your transferees, this is one area where you can truly be the HERO!

And, the best part about it is you look like the hero without having to do much work yourself; instead, you can rely on a rental finding company to handle all the details and hassle associated with placing transferees in the right home in the perfect neighborhood.

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How would it feel to have the hassle removed and happy transferees? Great, right!
When you work with the right rental finding company, you’ll avoid the typical pitfalls many people in your position deal with on a regular basis, like:

Increased Temporary Housing Expenses
Often times, the transferee can’t find a place because of lack of inventory or they have trouble getting callbacks from potential landlords. This causes a challenge for both you and your employee. Working with a rental finding company to properly manage your rental assistance program can help employees find an appropriate rental quickly, saving you time and money.

Backlash from the Transferee The new employee typically has challenges with one or more of the following:

  • Issues related to lower credit and moving with pets
  • Lack of credit and increased upfront costs for international inbound transferees
  • Finding help in Canada
  • School finding assistance
  • Stress and pressure from a real estate agent who has no knowledge of the rental market and wants to just sell them a house

Lack of Communication
Without a comprehensive rental finding and relocation program in place, there is often a lack of updates throughout the process. Because rental finding is not his or her expertise, there’s little consistency and proactivity from a local agent.

Intern Programs
Interns are usually overlooked and left on their own to find housing that’s affordable and offers the necessary terms to fit their needs. Some rental finding companies offer specific programs for intern relocation situations.

Stop hiding in the phone booth like Clark Kent, and step out as Superman! Your transferees will be happy. Your boss will be pleased. And YOU will look like the hero who made it all happen!

If you want to be the hero, give us a call at 888-622-4325 or download our free e-book: 5 Areas to Reduce Renter Lump Sum or Managed Relocation Costs

Estimate the potential savings of your temporary housing spend with the addition of rental assistance. Enter total transferees to see the savings for yourself!

Relocation Benefits
Without PorchLight
With PorchLight Number of transferees
Corporate housing $4,830
(30 Nights @ $161 per night*)
(15 day hotel @ $124.00 per night°)
Rental finding support
0 $895
Total cost to employer $4,830 $2,855.65
Savings to employer 0 $1,860.00 Savings: $0

*Average cost of corporate housing in 2017 $161 per night. Corporate Housing Statistics

°15 day hotel @ $124.00 per night. Average Daily Hotel Rate

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