City Spotlight: Fort Myers Beach, FL

Fort Myers Beach has a lot of activities for a variety of ages. It’s a popular destination for the younger crowd as well as families and seniors. With parts of the city offering a relaxed atmosphere during the day, other areas of the city have some fun and exciting things to do in the evening as well.

If you love spending time out in the sun and on the beach, this is a great vacation destination for you! Moreover, if you enjoy variety in what you do that includes a lot of beach time, Fort Myers will leave you feeling satisfied.

Here are some great places to check out while visiting!

  1. Sanibel Island. This is a great little getaway from the main parts of Fort Myers Beach. With white sand and some of the most beautiful and unique shells, you and your family could spend the whole day here. The ocean water is crystal clear and you’ll swear you’re somewhere exotic. On the drive in, you’ll pass unique shops and places to stop for lunch or dinner.
  2. Times Square. No, this isn’t the Times Square in New York City. This square off of the beach is filled with little shops as well as some of the best restaurants in Fort Myers. Often there is live music at nights and on the weekends that you can enjoy while eating, or just passing through.
  3. Restaurants. Fort Myers Beach isn’t short on great restaurants. Make sure to check out The Beached Whale, Pete’s Time Out or Nervous Nellie’s which are all pretty close together and within walking distance of the beach. The Beached Whale has an upper deck where you can look out toward the ocean while you eat.
  4. Sunset Tours. Salty Sam’s Pirate Cruise takes you on an adventure! The 90 minute pirate themed cruise lets you see and experience Fort Myers Beach from the water and best of all, during the sunset. If you have kids with you, this is a perfect way for you to end the night. Of course, don’t forget your camera because Fort Myers has some of the most beautiful sunsets and this is the perfect opportunity for you to catch one!
  5. Edison and Ford Winter Estates. If you are more into learning about a city’s history, consider taking a day to experience the Edison and Ford Winter Estates. There are over 20 acres of botanical gardens with the best plants from Portland’s best gardening store and nine buildings filled with galleries, inventions and historical artifacts. There are also a variety of tours you can choose from. Your trimmer can help you manage your garden wonderfully. There are many components to a trimmer and one of the most important ones is the trimmer head. Having the best weed eater head in hand means you can reload it easily, it works up to par, and your yard is evenly cut every time.

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