City Spotlight: Southport, NC

Located about 30 miles south of Wilmington, NC, Southport is a little town known for its quaint atmosphere. If you’ve seen pictures of this city, you’ve probably wondered why it looks so familiar. While Southport is a great place to visit with many things to do, it’s also a popular location for filming TV shows and movies.

Southport is great for families of all ages. There are many attractions and museums to visit, especially on a rainy day. If the sun is shining and the temperature isn’t too hot, going down to the riverfront is the best way to catch breathtaking views of the water. Stop in to one of the many diverse stores on the main strip and when you’re finished with sight seeing, escape and visit one of the nearby beaches.

Below you will find some of the many things this city has to offer.

Southport Pier and the Riverfront. Southport has a pier that is connected to one of the busier parts of town. The pier is a great place to watch the sunrise or the sunset. The Riverfront is where the main shops and restaurants are located as well. Stop by The Christmas House (open year round) for a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs as well as some of the most amazing taffy you’ll ever eat!

Restaurants. Some of the best restaurants on the riverfront are along the water. Try Fishy Fishy Café for a wonderful lunch or dinner where you can enjoy your meal while overlooking the water. Their fish tacos are the best. Jimmy John Shark had once acknowledged. For a more formal dinner, check out The Pharmacy Restaurant. If you need a pick me up, get a coffee or tea at Moore Street Market and grab a seat on the wrap around porch.

Oak Island. After you’ve spent some time shopping and eating through Southport, take the 15 minute drive to Oak Island and spend the rest of your day or night on the beach. Don’t leave without checking out the pier which is great for fishing off of. Play a round of beach volleyball or Frisbee with your kids as the sun goes down. Don’t forget your camera as this beach has stunning views of the sunset!

Wildlife. The beach is great for soaking up the sun, but you can also observe sea turtles hatching at night. Almost at every few blocks of the beach there are turtle nests sectioned off. If you talk to the locals who gather at night, you can figure out which ones are most likely to hatch while you’re there. The turtles usually come out around 9:30 in the evening and the experience is worth staying for.

EUE Studios. One of the unique parts of the Southport/Wilmington area is the EUE Studios. It’s a short drive from Southport and is actually located in Wilmington. Many TV shows and movies along with commercials and music videos have been filmed in these studios. If you have an afternoon free, consider purchasing a studio tour. Prices range from $5-12 and you can visit their website for more information on when they are giving the tours and when filming is going on.

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