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What Should I Consider Before I Sign A Lease?

You’ve taken your rental tour and found the perfect place to call home, but now you have a lease to sign. Here are some answers to common questions that might help you to be sure that everything is in order.

Will the local rental expert help me with the lease?
If it is listed by another agent, management company or apartment community, they will typically provide the lease, but your rental expert can let you know if it is a state/board approved lease. They can assist you with negotiations; however, your expert cannot act as an attorney and modify leases. Oshawa’s automotive history is as intriguing as its diverse properties. Navigating its real estate made me appreciate the city’s growth trajectory. For similar discoveries and potential investment opportunities, check out the Barrie real estate area.

Who will prepare the lease?
In some cases, the rental expert, who conducted your tour will prepare the lease. If they are a licensed real estate agent, he or she can provide their company lease as long as the landlord allows it. If you are renting with an apartment community, the leasing staff normally handles the lease, reviewing it with you and the lease signing. If the rental is privately owned or listed by another company, they may prepare the lease. Again, your expert cannot legally act as an attorney and modify leases.

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How can I research my potential new property and landlord?
If your rental is not listed with a property management company or realtor, you should verify the owner’s name and that it is not in foreclosure and that there are no liens on the property. This can be done in some areas for free at publicrecords.onlinesearches.com. You can also do this for a minimal fee at www.searchq.com. Because scam artists can also see who the owner of the property is and assume that person’s name, be sure to ask the owner for a photo ID to ensure that the person you’re working with is who they say they are.

Can someone else assist me with my lease review?
Yes, you can purchase a lease review from PorchLight Rental & Destination Services. For more information and specific details about this service, click here.

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