COVID-19 Response Update

Helping Customers Navigate Market Changes

As the PorchLight team continues to navigate service solutions during these times of restrictive measures, I want to assure you that we’re present for our customers. Every day, there are new mandates for various cities and states across North America that prevent leasing offices from opening and rental viewings from taking place.

At PorchLight, that doesn’t stop service. It magnifies service.

Before COVID-19 and after COVID-19, PorchLight’s expertise in offering local area insights and peace of mind to customers looking for their new lease and learning their new city is simply who we are. 

How is service taking place?

We continue to connect our customers to the best local experts in PorchLight’s incredible network. 

  • Our partners are quickly connecting and addressing customer needs. Those needs haven’t changed. Customers want to find the right communities that reflect their lifestyle, budget and desired work commute. Our local area experts are doing that and forging relationships that offer peace of mind.

We continue the rental home finding search.

  • PorchLight’s in-house research team and local rental experts are locating the best properties based on customer needs. 
  • Information gathering and assessment of the property is taking place virtually or through drive-by of properties.

Viewings continue to occur.

  • In-person property viewings are not a constant throughout North America. In some areas, leasing offices will provide more virtual support and video of rental interiors.
  • In other markets, landlords will meet with the transferee, only, to reduce risk.
  • We manage the nuances with our customers. They are assured the best support and information throughout the service experience.

Lease reviews continue to protect our customers.

  • PorchLight’s customers are provided the option of a lease review before they commit to their leasing contract.
  • The lease review uncovers key information for customers and helps them avoid unwanted surprises. 

We remain committed to serving our customers until their new address is secured.

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