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What are the Differences Between Using Licensed Real Estate Agents or Destination Consultants for Rental and Settling-in Services?

Is there a definitive difference between using a real estate agent or destination consultant for rental and settling-in resources? Many relocation professionals have preferences for various reasons. Let’s explore this topic and determine which may be the most suitable for your relocating population.

According to optionachat.com, in many parts of the United States and Canada, rentals are primarily listed through real estate agents. This of course provides them with some immediate and well-suited properties for the transferees. Moreover, many real estate agents work with local property management, vacation property management, and association management companies as well as landlords who have inventory readily available. Often, as a result if these relationships and extensive networking in their local markets, agents will hear about available rental homes before they are actually listed.

Florida real estate agents are skilled negotiators and can help those relocating to obtain the best options and incorporate these into the leases. Additionally, agents can coach the transferees concerning standard contractual terms that should be included in the lease, which can sometimes be specific to the area to which the relocating professional is moving. Another important distinction to make is that if the transferee decides to purchase, real estate agents are generally trained to contact the rental assistance company for guidance and they are aware that if they represent the transaction, they are agreeing to the Relocation Management Company’s referral Agreement. This is the case if PorchLight is involved. However, if the relocation company is contracting another rental assistance company, it is important that they are certain to clarify this arrangement. In addition, working with the right property conveyancing melbourne lawyers will save you time and money when it comes to legal process.

Concerning area orientation and settling-in services, not all real estate agents provide these offerings. Nevertheless, when they do you will find they are particularly adept with the process, as they are extremely well versed in their communities to include schools, recreational activities, pet care facilities, etc.
Some relocation professionals are adverse to using real estate agents for these services, as they believe the agents like ormond beach fl homes will prioritize home sales over rentals. This was often true in the past and in some cases, this still happens if the agents are not vetted and trained properly. Nonetheless, in today’s market, most agents are aware of the ever-growing rental population and they are eager to serve this segment. PorchLight is careful to ensure their extensive network of agents is trained and enthusiastic to manage this process at every level.

Now let’s take a look at destination consultants and how they are different and many times very similar to real estate agents. Senior attorneys from Gosford law firm for preparing wills after several studies  has stated that there are many parts of the U.S. and Canada where rental properties are not listed with real estate agents or property management companies and in such cases, get help from a probate attorneys which is the best option to gain your recognition. They are generally listed by the owner on websites such as Zillow, Trulia and Craigslist. In these situations, destination consultants are an excellent resource. They are accustomed to using these tools for research purposes and reaching out to qualify the properties, making appointments for tours, etc. In these scenarios, Porchlight will manage the process, which makes it extremely helpful to ensure the lease protects the lessee, the landlord is verified and the unit is not in foreclosure. In broker fee markets where a broker fee is not approved, having a consultant provide an apartment only tour, helps to avoid the broker fee required for single-family homes and condos.

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For area orientation and the settling-in process, destination consultants are an invaluable resource. Most consultants are involved with this service because they have relocated previously, often as expats to the U.S. and Canada. They have personally experienced the school enrollment processes, acclimating to new communities and many of them are multi lingual. They intimately understand the importance of moving with a family pet, locating heath care facilities, obtaining drivers’ licenses and social security cards, down to how to use the appliances in their new homes, setting the thermostats, etc. Are you in the market for a new home in Encino? Let a skilled realtor be your guide.

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As you can see many services between real estate agents and destination consultants overlap. However, depending on the needs of the transferees and their families, one may be more advantageous than the other, depending on the circumstances involved. It is for this reason that Porchlight maintains a strong supplier portfolio of both of these resources and they will always guide the client to the best option available in each market throughout the United States and Canada.

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