Struggling to find a quality, practical, effective solution for lump sum mobile employees who rent?

This post addresses what PorchLight’s research revealed and what our experience confirms.

It’s true that when mobile employees receive a lump sum relocation package they are cautious about spending the money. Research reveals, it’s not because they don’t see value or need help; it’s because they fear coming out of pocket for their move. They’re embarrassed and disgruntled if their new, exciting job and relocation requires them to spend more money than they’ve been allotted through their relocation benefit. The mobile employee moving with a partner or family doesn’t want to explain why the move sets them back, financially.

This is an important mentality to understand. The lump sum solution employers provide needs to consider mobile employees’ mindset when selecting a service for this population. PorchLight Plan & Pay was designed based on research and behaviors of lump sum mobile employees. Plan & Pay overcomes the fear of financial set-back because it provides a complimentary option that guides renters through the rental journey. If or when mobile employees face an obstacle with their search, or determine they don’t have time to properly manage the rental search, they can return to the site to find ala carte service options ranging in price and support from:

  • Local phone consultation with rental expert for leasing guidance.
  • Rental listings qualified to their specific requirements based on move in date, budget, pet acceptance and more.
  • Local area experts to fully manage the rental search, locating, qualifying and setting viewing appointments. Accompanied rental tours conducted in-person or virtually to accommodate customer preferences.
  • Lease review to fully understand the leasing contract before signing.

The services are affordable, effective and no cost to employers or RMCs. No licensing fees involved. Simply a quality, practical, effective solution for mobile employees who rent. Plan & Pay is fully backed by PorchLight, the most trusted name in rental and destination services throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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