Get to Know Holly Ratta, International Account Manager

We value our employees at PorchLight and believe they are definitely worth getting to know! Holly Ratta, International Rental Account Manager, has been working in this new role and owning it! We would like to introduce her as well as take the time to explain what our destination services are.

With a heightened demand for international in-bound destination services, we have expanded to meet these needs by offering settling-in services as well as an electronic arrival guide to meet the needs of those relocating. It is part of a proactive approach we are taking to help transferees familiarize themselves with information they will need prior to arriving in their new city.

Our Destination Services Department is designed to work with the transferee in obtaining a social security number, driver’s license, opening bank accounts and advancing funds for a security deposit and any other fees that may be required to secure a home. Guidance with setting up school appointments and acclimating the families to their new environment and communities is also part of our Destination Services.

We believe this is the best approach for making the move successful for not only the transferees and their families but for their employers as well. Without the help of destination settling in assistance, transferees are often left feeling overwhelmed and unable to transition as easily.

A little bit about Holly and what she does:

How long have you been with PorchLight?
Since March 2012 as a Rental Account Manager and am now the International Account Manager taking care of inbound internationals and helping them with settling-in services.

What do you think is the most important part of your job as the International Rental Account Manager?

I think the most important part of my role is being a good listener and understanding how our International transferee’s must feel moving far from home. They usually don’t know anyone, maybe one or two colleagues. They’ve often never been to the U.S. I think it’s amazing and I try to remember all of those things before I help them with anything. It really helps to understand how stressful this move could be. We try to make the settling in/rental finding as easy as possible.

What do you think PorchLight does differently to make the process easier for the transferee?

We first start with a conference call to introduce the agent and the transferee, confirm dates and what we need to have accomplished.  We manage the entire process for the transferee and communicate all details concerning the needs of the transferee to our local city experts.

Are there any stories specific to the process or a situation that stands out to you with a transferee where you were really able to make a difference?

We had a transferee who moved to the U.S. with her child. She took a rental tour with our agent but she had made up her mind on the property before the tour. The agent didn’t recommend the property but the transferee made her final decision. She called the agent back after a week, things were not as the property manager said they were and the apartment wasn’t fit to live in. Our agent, let me know what was happening and although the transferee had exhausted her benefits the agent helped her get into her first choice property from the rental tour and helped her get out of her lease with the first apartment.

What are your hobbies and how do you like to spend your free time?

Other than hanging out with my kids, I love to run and spend time with other friends who run training for different races. Any other free moment you can find me exploring mixed media art. Drawing, painting and taking classes makes me very happy and really busy!

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