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How to Get Started with a Rental Assistance and Settling-In Service

So, you have identified the need for a corporate rental assistance and/or destination services company for your organization. Now you’re probably wondering what you can expect when working with a company such as PorchLight as you move through this process.

The first step is to fully understand the needs of your company and what is important to your organization relative to your corporate rental assistance program. Whenever possible, PorchLight likes to do this in person, with the team who is managing this process within your organization. This team is essential to this process, and hearing feedback from internal departments, and particularly the transferees themselves, is paramount to the success of this undertaking.

The information gained from this exercise is then taken back to the management team at PorchLight for analysis and recommendations. Statistics are examined, such as how many transferees have needed rental assistance and settling in services in the past, and where the primary needs have been throughout the U.S. and Canada. Other stats to gather include the general demographics of the transferee population. Are you working with single individuals, who more often prefer apartments, or families with children and pets, etc?

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Once this procedure has taken place, PorchLight presents a customized program to your team and upon acceptance, this process is outlined in a Service Agreement. Subsequent to completing this stage, a comprehensive set of Business Process Rules are compiled in conjunction with the various departments within your company. The Business Process Rules outline includes all primary contacts within both organizations, escalation processes, billing details, all customized program details, reporting requirements, etc.

These Business Process Rules are finalized by taking into consideration the best practices presented by PorchLight and moreover, your input, since you are intimately connected with your rental finding programs on a daily basis.

Upon finalizing these various program components, meetings / webinars are scheduled to rollout the program within your organization and PorchLight’s client program support specialists. Once the program is implemented, PorchLight will schedule quarterly calls with your team to obtain feedback, provide any additional support required, and review program reporting, which will represent how effectively the rental assistance and settling in services are being managed by PorchLight.

This doesn’t represent every little detail of how to get started with a rental assistance program. Nonetheless, whether you choose PorchLight or another company for these services, this will hopefully help to ensure you have the necessary information to make the best decisions for your company.
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