My Good Decision—Using a Rental Finding Service Company

This was submitted by someone who recently used PorchLight for their rental finding. We appreciate the feedback. We know that this is the case in many areas across the country, but it’s always nice to hear the happy endings from our customers!

Renting a home is stressful enough.

Renting a home in a completely new state, one you’ve only visited on vacation is enough to make you reconsider the move all together. When I first started looking for an apartment in Orlando, FL, I figured I would have no trouble finding something that fit my needs and most importantly, my budget.

As I started to look online, I was quickly overwhelmed with all of the options in front of me. I used multiple websites but found that nothing I was finding was enough for me to make an educated decision. My head was swimming with information on lease terms, application fees and facts about the area to the point of not knowing how or where to continue my search. I was completely confused by this point!

I made a short list of apartments that seemed to suit my needs and applied to my top choice. With every application there were fees due in order to even be considered. It was an expensive to apply and I learned that I would really need to consider that factor for any other applications; I thought I wanted to submit. However in this case, I was, thankfully, accepted. Before I let myself get too excited, I looked up the address on Google Maps, just to get a feel for my surroundings as I would be unable to make a trip down before moving in too see what the area was really like. I wasn’t a fan that the closest grocery or convenience store was located about 25 minutes away. It made me feel like this apartment complex was tucked away in the middle of nowhere and that didn’t make me feel comfortable. And for my life style that would mean lengthy commute times for even the essentials of daily living.

My excitement I had for my move quickly turned to slight panic. Time was ticking away and now it was three weeks before I was set to relocate and I wasn’t in a position to sign a lease. I had to consider some other options and find help to make sure I was making the right decision. I was directed to a service offered through PorchLight Rental & Destination Services and spent a few minutes on the phone explaining my needs and what was most important to me. In a matter of minutes I learned that the apartment I had been accepted to wasn’t in the best area and not recommended as the best choice for my lifestyle. Again my nerves were rattled. What was I going to do now? But by the next day, I was provided with an online profile full of options that fit everything I needed in a rental home from Saugatuck mi rentals taking into consideration my budget, location and lifestyle.

Soon, my excitement was back and I had all kinds of resources at my fingertips because I got someone in the local market involved to help. I was able to quickly evaluate the properties sent to me, and file an application at the one that was the best fit for me.

Renting for the first time was stressful, but using a rental finding company like PorchLight saved me time, headaches and possibly even my safety, but most of all from making a mistake that would have haunted me for the length of my lease.  When it came time to moving in, I was confident I had made the right decision and thankful I had the resources provided to me to feel at home.

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