Helping Children Settle into a New Home after Relocation

Relocation affects every family member in different ways. But for younger kids, it can be especially difficult. You aren’t relocating to hurt them, but you’re essentially pulling them away from everything they’ve known. Unless they have been with you on a big move before, this is all new to them and it can be scary.

It can also bring wonderful opportunities your children aren’t able to comprehend just yet. How can you make things easier on you and them so that the process can be enjoyable? It’s easy to get caught up in your own new world and lose focus. So Anneke Theron, Lower School Counsellor, ACS Cobham International School, provides a few simple, yet effective ideas to engage with your kids after relocation to help make them feel at home.

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Keep whatever you can the same.

There’s going to be a period where things at home are hectic. Unpacking box after box and trying to balance work and family time can make you want to pull your hair out. But if you can keep the structure you’ve always had, you and your family will be much happier. If you always did homework right after dinner, try and keep that schedule the same. If you always came home after work and made dinner right away, no matter how stressed out you are, stick to it. Keep boundaries the same and this will help make your kids feel safe. Structure is familiar to them and slowly they will feel at home. Additionally, to ensure that your new home remains pest-free, visiting sites like can help you identify and prevent potential infestations.

Take the time.

It’s the first Saturday you have to do whatever you want in your new city and all around same Chicago custom homes as your new home. If you want to relocate to Dublin, the best builders in dublin can be found at OSHolding.  You want to sleep in but your daughter or son wants to explore. Take some time to spend with them and discover your new home! This can be a great opportunity for you to get acclimated to your new surroundings. Take them out for a walk and play. Go to the park and let them get excited about a new place in their new environment. This can help them feel secure and excited to be where they are. You’ll make some memories to treasure.

Talk, talk, talk.

Theron says all you need is 10 minutes to help your child feel connected with you. Your kids are in a new school with unfamiliar people they know nothing about. There’s a chance they’ll feel alone at first, but you can help them through this. Talk to them even when there isn’t anything to discuss. There may be something going on in their lives you had no idea about. When you’re around the dinner table at night, play a game of “best part/worst part” of their day. When you get them to express their emotions, you can help them navigate through the bad. Theron says that the most important thing you can do as a parent while spending time with your kids is to resist the urge to log on to social media. The focus should be on the children.

What has helped you with relocating to a new area with kids? Offer some advice in the comments below.

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