How to Make the Most of Your Rental Tour

Moving from a comfortable place and surroundings to a completely new area can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Sometimes simply making a list of what your requirements are with the “must-haves” and “well-maybes” on hand can not only help you, but can help whomever is assisting you along the way with a rental tour.

Here’s a checklist to keep in mind that will help guide you to the perfect new rental!


What neighborhoods are of interest to you? Do you have a specific area or neighborhood you want to live in? Do you need help in making that decision?


What is your rental budget range? Maximum budget? Does that include parking, pet rent, if you have pets? Is your budget in line with what the current rates are within that market for the size unit you are looking for?


Do you want an apartment? If so: a high-rise style with one main entrance, cluster style with your own front door? Do you want a secured entrance with a security system complete with home security cameras and some fire alarm systems and fire suppression systems such as a fire extinguisher or a fire sprinkler installation? Do you prefer a condo? Or a single family home? Do you prefer to have a landlord or property manager? If you are looking for a condo unit, you may want to checkout Coral Ridge Towers South Condos.

Once you’re able to choose one, inspect the property for any wiring issues that may cause fire, and depending on the damage you might need fire restoration services. On the other hand if you spot something immediately, at least you have ample time to contact professionals who specialize in electrical services. But when a fire breaks out, you will most probably need fire protection engineering and fire damage services to restore the area. The fire damage restoration process includes mitigating damage, providing smoke damage cleanup and water restoration as quickly as possible after the damage.

If you’re in search for components that are fireproof, that can easily be ordered online now on sites like 防火門.


What types of finishes do you prefer with regard to countertops and appliances? Are they required or are you flexible? Gas vs. Electric for cooking? Modern, contemporary or more traditional styling. Flexibility is definitely a plus here so that you don’t eliminate options that you may really like. After finding out what you want, you can pop over to these guys and buy the appliances you like.


Do you want a garage? Is on-site parking required? Do you want to pay parking fees? Are you comfortable with street parking? How many vehicles do you have? What other types of things do you need to store? Will you need additional storage?

Commute Time:

How many miles do you want to commute for work? How much time do you want to spend commuting? What is realistic for the area I want to live to commute to work during rush hour? Is it within my guidelines? Do you want access to public transportation? Is the station easily accessible? Is there parking at the station?


Do you want a pool, fitness center, tennis courts or other sports-related options?  Or would you prefer to have a fitness facility close by? Are you a runner, jogger or biker? Do you want trails close by? Do you want a club house/recreation room?

Appliances and Laundry:

Do you need the major appliances supplied? What about washer and dryer? Does it have to be in your unit or just on the property? Or do you prefer having a laundromat nearby? If there are hook-ups would you want to buy your own or do you prefer they are supplied?


Do you have children? Will they be attending public schools? Do you need help navigating the schools in your market? Keep in mind that some areas have a lottery system for assigning schools, so you may not necessarily live to the school closest to you. You may also need an address to schedule a tour of an actual school district of your choice.


Do you currently have a pet? Multiple pets? Do you have pet insurance? Would you consider obtaining a pet insurance? Are you open to being charged pet rent in addition to your rent payment? Do you have a pet resume? We have found this really helps, especially if you come prepared and your potential landlord knows what pets you have. Others may not do the same giving you the edge in a tight rental market.


Do you have any credit concerns? Bankruptcy, foreclosure? Low credit scores? It’s a good idea to have your current credit score on hand as it might be asked during the application process. Providing a general snap shot of your credit scenario will help guide a rental expert in the best direction to help secure a rental. This might be a sensitive topic, but it’s better to discuss it up front so that a rental expert has the best opportunity to portray your situation with a potential landlord for success.

Lease Terms:

Do you want a 12 month lease? Do you need a month-to-month lease? Perhaps you want to sign for one year with an option to resign for a longer term? Or what term are you interested in?

Free time/Hobbies:

Do you like to dine out? Do you prefer to walk or drive on your night out? Do you like to live in an area where you are close to shopping, dining and nightlife? Or do you prefer to be away from the action in a quiet setting? Do you like sporting events, the arts or other venues that you would prefer to be close by?

Taking the time to consider all of these categories and make a list will be beneficial to finding the perfect place called HOME and help you avoid some common mistakes.

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