Maybe it’s Time to Speak to a Rental Assistance Provider?

The demographics of renters have markedly evolved. Singles, couples, families with multiple children and many with pets all represent significant segments of the renting population. Many baby boomers are also choosing to rent, rather than remaining home owners with all of the associated responsibilities of home upkeep. Today’s renting population has very different and more complex needs than renters did in the past.

So what can your company do to support the lump sum renter and therefore fully support your client and truly meet their needs at every level?

“Speak to a Rental Assistance Provider”

There are new solutions being offered which support the lump sum renter, some more evolved and comprehensive than others. Here are some of the attributes you will want to be certain the solution you choose offers:

  • — An online portal system users can use at their convenience due to busy schedules
  • Complimentary information and resources that allows them to research on their own, but with online informational support. How to rent with pets, credit blemishes, avoiding rental scams, etc.
  • The ability to reserve telephone consultations with local market experts who have been vetted and working in their markets for extended periods
  • The ability to reserve rental tours at discounted rates with local market experts
  • The option to purchase other services such as lease reviews, once they do find a rental

Aligning with a rental assistance service provider and tailoring a lump sum solution will empower your company to meet the very important, ever growing needs of your clients’ lump sum renter population.

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