New Candidate Tours for Recruitment

New Candidate Tours – The Best Time for Show & Tell

Recruiting top talent is a priority for most HR Managers. There are jobs for the taking, but in some cases finding the best talent with the most qualified skills can be hard to come by. So when it comes to the point that you’ve found who you are looking for with the skill set you need, it’s time to make sure you go the extra mile to show your candidate that you want them as a part of your team. Let’s face it – beyond the job, there is much to consider when moving for a new position, whether alone or with a family (and it’s even more complex with a family!) A city that someone can call home is critical from the new employee’s perspective.

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Here are some tips to make sure you dazzle them not only with their new position but with their new city as well! Candidate tours are a great way to step away from the specifics of the job description and listen to the needs of your potential employee and their family when it comes to everyday living. There are lots of questions to ask:

  • Do you prefer green space or city living?
  • Are hospitals important to you? Are there health concerns in your family that may be better served by being in one community over another?
  • What would your estimated housing budget be?
  • Are you a “foodie”? What types of cuisine do you prefer?
  • What about the arts? What do you enjoy? Music? Art? Theater?
  • Are you a sports fanatic?
  • Do you like to drive longer distances to work? Is public transportation your preference? Are you put off by traffic?
  • What are the requirements for education? Private, Public or special needs?
  • What are your shopping habits?
  • If you are traveling a significant amount of time, how far would you like to be from the airport?

Getting as much personal information about your candidate is crucial so that you can set an itinerary based on their needs that will make your location the most appealing to them and their family. Throwing in a couple seats for a ball game or the theater or sending a welcome basket to their hotel room filled with lots of local fare and treats will make a big impression, too.  Putting some thought and pre-planning into a comprehensive plan and relocation package that includes some of these ideas will not only make your candidate feel you really want them to join your company, but will also show them that you care about their happiness in and outside the workplace!

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