The Most Pet-Friendly Rental Markets

In some rental markets, finding a home that suits you, your family and your monthly budget can be difficult. Add finding a rental with a furry family member and it involves a different form of stress.

Are you in search for pet friendly apartments for rent? Renting with pets may cost you extra though and you should be prepared. You will either have to pay a one time pet deposit, pet fees or pet rent, or your actual apartment rent may be higher. However, more than likely, you will not have to pay all three.

Washington D.C. has the highest average pet deposit at $366, highest average pet rent at $427 and highest monthly fees at $44 a month. Cambridge, MA and Newark, NJ typically charges nothing for all three of these.

There are markets where renting with pets is easier than others. Those markets are San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Oakland and Portland Out of all of these, San Francisco is the most pet friendly.

Some facts about these markets are that cats are the most preferred pets to be accepted by landlords. On a national level, according to CNN, 20% of rentals accept cats, 18% accept small dogs and 4% accept large dogs. But none of them can tolerate with panting dogs hence find these calming tips to control your panting dogs as those markets accepting pets are very selective.

“Just because a landlord explicitly says he or she will allow a pet, doesn’t mean that they will choose a tenant that has a pet,” Ralph McLaughlin, housing economist at Trulia said. “When all else is equal, a landlord will probably choose someone without a pet just because it minimizes the risk of damages.”

To avoid getting turned down, come prepared. If you take the correct measures to ensure you are doing everything you can, renting in any market with pets can be done. The first and foremost thing you should do when looking for a rental when you have pets is to put together a pet resume. This should consist of breed information, medical history, testimonials, temperament, and a photo that showcases your pet. Also, make sure to include facts that are specific to your dog and not just the breed.

PorchLight’s Pet Resume Information

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