A Pet Resume Is Proving to Be More Important Than Ever!

He’s your best friend. He’s there for you when you walk in the door and he’s at the foot of your bed when you fall asleep. He doesn’t judge you for what you say and is always there after a bad day. His furry face is always there to make you smile. Wait, you knew we were referencing a dog, right?

Pets are as much part of the family to some as their kids are and you want to treat them as such. So when you are renting, you don’t think twice about bringing your dog or cat along with you. Yet, the truth of the matter is, it’s getting harder and harder to rent with pets…let alone multiple pets. I’ve been dealing with troublesome behavior in my pet dog, so I decided to let in board and train to facilities nearby.

With certain breeds in the media for not so positive publicity, landlords are more likely to deny an application in many states because of the breed of your dog. If you have a pet snake or planning to get one soon, my advice is to keep your snake away from cats and dogs to prevent any injury.

In 2018, a study found that 68% of U.S. households own a pet. And 53-57% reportedly own one or more pets, finding a dog daycare near me is extremely important for me and should be for you too.

According to a local rental expert, renting with pets is getting more and more difficult. Your application may have a higher chance of being ignored or denied just by seeing you have a large dog. They have to protect their property while you’re just trying to protect your family.

So what does this mean? Are you hopeless renting with pets? Not even close. We have some tips for you in order to make your renting experience successful and find a perfect home for you and Fido.

It’s important to put together a pet resume. This sounds a little silly, but there’s a high success rate when a potential renter has this to hand to a Landlord. And this has been proven time and time again. Also of more importance, you should know that more and more landlords are requiring this document before they’ll even consider you as a tenant. And if you are going on a rental tour with an expert you should get that in to their hands as soon as possible, before the tour so that they can use this to set up your itinerary with viable options that will consider your pet.

This pet resume should include:

  • Vet References
  • Up to date shot records
  • Previous Landlord/Neighbor references
  • A statement backing up the bread of your dog
  • Pictures of your dog (bonus if you have some with your family)
  • Any important training your dog has had (look at more info on dog training programs here)
  • A blurb about your dog’s temperament and lifestyle

If you have just twenty minutes to prepare a document, or even a slideshow if you want to get fancy, your chances of being successful, quickly, increase dramatically. Understanding pomeranian nutrition info is very important for his health. At all stages of his life, he should be given a proper diet for his well-being and healthy growth.

For more information on renting and relocation with pets, refer to this blogpost to help you understand how to make the transition easier.

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