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Relocation shouldn’t hamper your employee’s hobbies and lifestyle.


As an employer, do you want your newly relocated employees to be happy in their new location? Studies show that an employee’s happiness in their new location leads to retention and higher productivity. Helping employees fully replicate a lifestyle they enjoy is key to that happiness. PorchLight’s specialization in rental finding and access to the most credible local resources means customers have the best support in their quest for rental-lifestyle matching!

This week, Andrew Glaeser with the Oshkosh Corporation shares his relocation and rental finding story in Appleton, Wisconsin.

I was moving to a new state right as the CORONA virus was putting states into quarantine. I had already made the 6 hour drive, once, to search for a new lease but wasn’t able to find anything with a 2 car garage, even hours away from work. I was on several waiting lists and had nothing lined up to live in for when I needed to start my new job. I was starting to accept that I’d have to give up some hobbies and sell equipment to fit in a 1 car garage. All of that changed when I was put in touch with PorchLight.

I explained my situation to the PorchLight team, and they got to work searching for rental options to meet my needs. Quickly, they uncovered a lead on a place that wasn’t available yet, but would be ready shortly after I started my new position. Due to the state lockdown orders, we were unsure how showings would work, but my PorchLight agent was able to coordinate with the landlord to view the rental and took me along on a video tour. We were able to do a video tour of the whole place and I didn’t have to drive 6 hours. The place was within budget and also just one house off the lake. My corporate moving package helped me make arrangements for the short gap between leases and I moved in with no issues. Now I’ve been able to keep all my old hobbies and get back into kayaking with just a short walk to the lake.  I’m very grateful to the team for taking my options from nothing to everything I asked for and more.  Thank you!

Choosing a new home is one of the most important decisions people make. In today’s environment, many customers are making that decision without visiting the property. But finding the perfect home, one that fits your lifestyle can be even trickier. At PorchLight, our destination agent’s area insights proved “essential” to Andrew and enabled him to keep the hobbies he loved. 

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