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Is PorchLight an Essential Service?

According to our customers, the answer is YES!

PorchLight customers continue to benefit from our professional network of area experts guiding and advising them on the new destination. Technology is helpful but nothing replaces credible, interactive dialogue with PorchLight’s veteran destination agents offering the local insights needed to make wise decisions about where to live. Derek Singer, relocating with Charles Schwab, recognized the value of professional insights. He purchased PorchLight’s virtual rental touring service in mid-May.

Here’s what Derek had to say…

“From 900 miles away, PorchLight was very helpful and Pam was essential. The experience was one that worked well and helped to reduce my anxiety greatly”.

Choosing a new home is one of the most important decisions people make. In today’s environment, many customers are making that decision without visiting the property. PorchLight’s service, and our destination agent’s area insights, proved “essential” to Derek. He purchased service on May 14th, made a leasing decision on May 18th and secured a move-in date of May 30th.

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In these uncertain times, customers can be certain that PorchLight

will support you until you have a new address.

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