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Transferees rely on PorchLight’s professional resources to protect them from rental scams.

For weeks, we’ve shared success stories about PorchLight’s virtual rental tours throughout the U.S. Transferees continue to enjoy virtual rental finding through PorchLight’s professional and exceptional rental agent network. Since the Covid-19 lock-down, renters have been conducting their own online rental searches and often run-up against limited housing supply. When they find a property that looks desirable, the natural reaction is to jump on it! In this case, PorchLight’s lease review, professional agent network, and expertise proved invaluable to our transferee from Siemens.

Here’s Robyn’s story…

I found a property I liked. Because of the demand and interest in the property, the landlord was asking for a $4,000 upfront payment ($2,000 deposit, $2,000 first month rent) just to hold the property until June 14, when the current tenants move out. This request is being made due to the overwhelming demand for the property (it’s a very good deal – furnished, $2,000 per month, great location, all utilities paid and furnished.)

The landlord at the prospective property says that he does not take cash and I must deposit the $4,000 in his account to “hold” the property until June 14. If on June 14, when I view the property and if I decide I do not want it, then the property owner says he will return all of the money. If I do rent it after seeing it, then my first month and security deposit will have already been paid.

Robyn felt uneasy and turned to PorchLight for our professional lease review. We determined through our review, and homeowner verification process, that the advertised property was a scam.

In this situation, Robyn was the beneficiary of her employer providing relocation support that offered professional guidance and expertise to protect employees from costly mistakes and painful lessons. PorchLight was the beneficiary of a happy transferee who chose a different home to rent!

To find out more about our lease reviews, click here: https://porchlightrental.com/settling-in-services/lease-review/

In these uncertain times, customers can be certain that PorchLight will support you until you have a new address.

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