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How many times have you been asked, or asked yourself, what will change as a result of Covid-19? For weeks, that’s been the topic of conversation with clients and the content of webinars. My answer is simple; virtual tours are here to stay. As I bring you this latest service update from PorchLight, Dr. William Clark, who used PorchLight’s virtual services in April for rental home finding, permitted us to share his thoughts.


Hi Diane,

Writing a recommendation for Kathy and PorchLight was on my To-Do list! It’s been busy moving, settling in, and jumping into the new job with Sanofi! I love the place Kathy found and the area! This is the only way I will relocate again! Virtually! Thank you for your services and a very warm thank you to Kathy!

In April 2020, my company relocated me from Clearwater, FL to the Bridgewater, NJ area. The timing could not have been worse as we were at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the country was in quarantine. This presented some unique challenges in trying to find a place to live with the travel restrictions that had been implemented. The days of making separate home hunting trips are over and aren’t necessary! Especially with the folks at PorchLight helping you make your transition!

Kathy Maloney of PorchLight rose to the occasion and did a fantastic job scoping out my home options for me virtually! Kathy searched for available properties meeting my criteria and then got to work quickly identifying the best candidates. I picked out my top 3 and then she visited the locations and the surrounding area taking pictures and video for me! Having been a realtor before, this is what I did for out of state buyers with the difference being they would still travel to visit the area. But in my opinion, this is no longer necessary! I found the perfect place and my first time personally seeing it was when I was moving in!

You can count on friendly, efficient, and expedient service from Kathy and the professionals at PorchLight! They know what they’re doing! Moving is stressful enough, so I highly recommend Kathy and PorchLight to help you make your move! This is the only way I will ever relocate again…by home hunting virtually!

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