PorchLight Takes Rental Tour During EuRA in Warsaw, Poland

It is fun to experience different cultures and neighborhoods within our own country, but it is so exciting to see housing in other cultures around the world! PorchLight got to do just that while attending EuRA in Warsaw, Poland! Since we help so many tour domestically in the U.S. and Canada to find a rental home, it was enjoyable to tour abroad.

As a special part of Diane and Janet’s trip to Poland they got to visit NA Powislu, a new condo community located in the Powiśle area (Solec). There are no apartment communities in Warsaw as we know them in the U.S. All units are individually owned and then listed with a real estate agency. This means that there is a broker fee that the tenant must pay equal to one month’s rent. And unlike
the U.S., furnishings are typically included, although negotiable. Utilities will vary, but landlords can keep them in their name and a flat fee is paid to the landlord and at the 6- month or 12- month mark, an audit is done and either a reimbursement provided to tenant or bill for additional utilities used.

Diane Ayres, PorchLight is pictured with Marcelina, Express Relocations who coordinated the tour to visit these apartments.

The rent for each of these properties are:

• 1 bed/1 bath with garage and w/d connection is zł5800

• 1 bed with den/1 bath with garage is zł8500

When making the conversion to U.S. currency you can roughly divide by four which ranges from approximately $1,500 to $2,300 in the U.S.

Other interesting facts regarding schools in the area included the American School in Warsaw in the city of Konstancin-Jeziorna which is about 18 km south of downtown Warsaw (26 minutes). In addition, there are 18 other international schools that families can choose from.

Anna Molenda (Express Relo), Janet Zamecnik (PorchLight), Malgorzata Jezierska (Express Relocations), Diane Ayres (PorchLight)

A special thanks to Anna Molenda, Relocation Manager with EXPRESS RELOCATIONS SP.
Z O.O. for coordinating this special tour for us!

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