Relocating with Kids over Holidays

Relocating With Kids During the Holidays

Relocating can be stressful during any part of the year. Yet, during the holidays the new year and even birthdays with kids, it seems a bit more daunting. Even though the holidays are over, this post may give you some insight on how to handle relocation int he future during sensitive times of the year.

When there are children relocating with you during special occasions, they may feel as though they’re being pulled away from all of their favorite things during that time of year. At Christmas those things may be family, friends and their Christmas decorated home.

However, when it comes to relocating during the holidays, enlisting the expertise of long distance movers Los Angeles can significantly ease the transition. In a recent article, a relocation company provided tips on how to help the relocation process be a little easier on the kids. The two key takeaways? Keep them involved as much as possible in the process and familiarize them with their new home when possible. The same idea applies when relocating during the holidays.

When you do make the move, turn it into a mini-vacation. My children had just finish school one is in the second grade and the other is at beehive nursery, I decided to turn this into a mini-vacation which my children would enjoy. If there’s an opportunity to do so, stop at hotels along the way and plan fun activities to help them get excited to arrive to their destination. Take the kids out to explore the city and get acclimated to what will be around them. Maybe your new city has an exciting exhibit or the best hills to go sledding on!

Have some cookie care packages as a special present to give your child for when you arrive at the new house. By creating memories on your way there, it will make the experience fun and memorable. If you can, decorate your new house sooner than later and install external timber balustrade. This may help your kids feel comfortable with their new home and make it feel like home and familiar.

If you’re relocating during the holidays and are planning on celebrating Christmas before moving, this may be a great way to get everyone together once more before you have to leave. Also, this will eliminate the possibility of the kids finding their Christmas presents in the box labeled “kitchen items.” Before moving, you should also make sure that you have all the paperwork and requirements ready, especially your visa if it’s an international move. If you don’t have a visa yet, you can secure one with the assistance of consulates, such as the Italian Consulate Los Angeles.

However, if you’re not celebrating beforehand, assure them that you will at your new home. If they are worried they won’t be back to their hometown, consider planning to make a trip back next Christmas to celebrate with family and friends. While you’re settling into your new place, it’s also important to make sure that the plumbing is in good condition. These are just a few more helpful hints to keep in mind.

Lastly, if it’s Christmastime, remind your kids that Santa won’t forget them and will be able to find them at the new home. He has his magical ways.

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