Remember These Important Things When Changing Your Address

When it comes down to the final steps of your move it’s important to remember some of these details when changing your address.

When it comes down to the final steps of your move it’s important to remember some of these details when changing your address. Keep this list handy and then use this free, easy tool from PorchLight to share your new address with all your friends and family!

  • Medical & Vet Records-Pick up your personal medical & dental records from all the offices that you and your family visited. And don’t forget about your vet records for the pets, too. This will make your visits to your new physicians and dentists much easier if you have your records to share.
  • Keys and Valuables-Be sure to collect all keys so you can pass them on to a new owner or the landlord. Also, don’t forget items you may have in a safe deposit box at your local bank. If you have a mail key remember to leave that behind or if it belongs to a rented post office box be sure to return it and cancel your agreement.
  • Change of Address-Notify employers, banks, schools, government offices and be sure to give the post office your new forwarding address. Contact magazines and newspapers. Notify any local organizations you belong to and make them aware of your move. Use this card to inform all your family & friends of your new address and details!
  • Other people’s possessions-From library books to DVD’s or things you borrowed from friends or neighbors—take the time now to return them.
  • Final Clean Up– Make sure to hire a good services like this skip bin hire in Ipswich to have reliable clean up! According to the experts from EZ Yonkers Junk Removal, you should Remember to pack a box with some cleaning supplies and trash bags so that you can do a final cleaning without having to unpack or go purchase new products to complete the job! Hiring The Waste Removal Company ensures that all the waste is removed responsibly. They are aware of the legislation laws of the state regarding waste removal and work within them. Make sure as well to clean the property from exterior cleaning up to residential chimney cleaning. If you have a contract that legally binds you to clean the exterior, then hiring a tree trimming service may be necessary. Rich’s Tree Service, Inc serves all of Portland and has all the proper insurance needed to get the job done.
  • Garage Door Remotes-Grab the remotes from your vehicles. If you have remotes for your window double roller blinds, fireplace or any other item that remains with the property be sure to leave those with special instructions if needed.

Good Luck with the move!

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