InsideTRAK® – Online solution built by renters, for renters experiencing a lump sum relocation

Are you on the right “trak” for meeting the needs of your lump sum population?

We are…

The only comprehensive, online solution, combining electronic tools with expert local support, to serve the ever-growing lump sum relocation population.

According to Worldwide ERC reports over the past decade, over 40% of employers provided their new hire employees some type of lump sum relocation program assistance to help defray moving costs. In the case of renters, many struggle to navigate the rental finding process because so many of the relocation support solutions are simply website driven, do-it-yourself tools. Through PorchLight’s extensive experience and focus-group research in this area, we know what renters need.

They told us…


Local Knowledge Matters

Renters believe it is important to speak with a local person to ascertain market information. It wasn’t enough to just Google rental listings or view options online. The group required the involvement of a local person to shed light on the local market. This was particularly true for Millennials, a group that many believe have no desire to connect with an actual person and only want a complete online solution.

Expertise Is Valued

Renters were willing to pay for local rental expertise, including someone who would locate rentals, qualify them in advance and set appointments with landlords to ease the time and frustration involved in the process. InsideTRAK® makes that expertise available if or when renters determine the online tools aren’t enough!


InsideTRAK® – a comprehensive web-based solution coupling online access and tech solutions with PorchLight’s professional local rental experts offering the support that’s truly needed. It’s a value-driven approach to lump sum programs that produces excellent results and meets the needs of relocating employees and their employers.

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“Communication was easy, fast and always responsive. The rental tour was amazing and professional. We got a great apartment. ”

– Tatjana P.

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