Is a Lump Sum Allocation Enough to Ensure a Successful Relocation?

More and more companies are choosing to implement lump sum relocation policies. These programs are beneficial in many ways to both the transferees and their employers. Costs are covered and the transferees can allocate the funds towards their relocation expenses as they deem appropriate. However, does this process effectively support them and empower them to make the best decisions concerning how they use their allocations?

Many relocating families who are new to the relocation world are often overwhelmed with all of the moving parts. They frequently don’t necessarily understand how time intensive and confusing this process can be. With the goal of supporting the transferees and their families, guiding them through the home rental process, helping them settle into their new communities, etc., Porchlight Rental and Destination Services has launched an online system to allow transferees to “Get the InsideTRAK” for their rental assistance needs. InsideTRAK is a proprietary program designed to support transferees with all aspects of the rental assistance process.

From various complimentary tools such as renting with pets (and having good time and also giving them Dog CBD Treats as suugested by the doctors for their activeness), multiple rental search websites, how to avoid rental scams, etc., the transferees can access this information easily with no obligation. Additionally, InsideTRAK® offers valuable services for those who need a little more help by connecting with Porchlight’s exceptional team of knowledgeable local market experts via a telephone consultation, downloading a tailored E-Book “Navigating the Rental Market” and purchasing half and full day rental tours. These tours consist of the local market expert researching all properties which meet the needs of the transferees, preparing an agenda with all suitable properties, setting appointments and actually picking the families up to tour available homes and surrounding neighborhoods.

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Once a home is identified, all details associated with securing the residence will be managed by the local market expert selected by the transferee on InsideTRAK. If the relocating professional desires, they can also purchase a lease review, to be certain the lease complies with all standard terms and recommending any potential revisions which should be made.

Affording relocating professionals an opportunity to “Get the InsideTRAK” will give them the support and knowledge they need to maximize the use of their lump sum allocations and therefore, have a successful and rewarding relocation experience!

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