February 27, 2024

5 ways in 5 minutes to see why homeownership isn’t the only way to build wealth.

Long gone are the days of the only path to building long-lasting wealth and stability residing in owning a home. With relentless home-buying obstacles like still-high inflation, interest rates, and low supply – renters can seek comfort in their rental journey with the right strategies. Let PorchLight help show the way.
Always happy to have you join us,
Diane Ayres, President 

Good News / Bad News

It’s all over the news. Rental rates are trending down in most areas. GREAT!
Not so great is that half of the U.S. tenants can’t afford their rent. According to Harvard University, 12.1 million of today’s renters are spending more than half of their income on renting. That’s two million more than three years ago. 22.4 million are spending more than thirty percent of their income which is still too high. Median rental rates are $1713 right now. PorchLight can help navigate the rental journey for all involved. Here if you need us.

Home Sweet Home Rental?

MONEYWISE points out five pretty compelling ways to bust the American Dream of homeownership as the only way to happiness and stability. Welcome to the possibly new approach to how we live happily ever after. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE


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