Six Miracle Boxes: A Must Have For An Easy Move!

Now that you’ve found the perfect rental and you know your approximate move in date, it’s time to pack everything up! First and foremost, allow yourself as much time as possible to clean, purge, and pack so that your arrival in you new home will be as easy as possible. Giving yourself a few weeks to properly prepare and pack will allow you and your family to experience a much smoother moving experience. Eliminating as much anxiety as possible during a stressful move is imperative for a happy transition. Keep On Moving Company is well-equipped with the right tools and transportation to make your move problem-free. If you are looking for a cleaning company to help you go to their website here.

SIX MIRACLE BOXES: A MUST HAVE FOR AN EASY MOVE! Last on, first off the moving truck!

CORD BOXLABEL ALL CORDS for computers, televisions, printers, scanners, phones, cameras, etc.

  • Most general stores have plastic cord labels that can be written on with a marker or you can double over a piece of MASKING tape and label it that way. Another option is to place each cord in a labeled plastic Ziploc bag.This will be a HUGE blessing when you unpack.
  • Either tape the Ziploc bag to the item it belongs to (cable cord to TV, computer cord to printer, etc.) or set aside a box strictly for cords. Place all Ziploc bags of labeled cords, remote controls, iPod docks, and other similar items in the box for quick access in one place. It makes the unpacking process so much easier and more manageable… and you haven’t pulled all of your hair out!

PARTS AND PIECES BOX– The furniture knobs, mirror screws, wall mount fixtures, random pieces of hardware from items that had to be taken apart should all be put together, labeled, and placed in one or two boxes for easy retrieval, you can also sell your furniture and get new ones, click to read more.

SUPPLIES BOX– It should be simple. Pack a hammer, screwdriver, nails, flashlight, batteries, and other needed necessities for when you arrive at your new home .This will be a lot easier than hauling a huge toolbox around with 99 tools when all you need are a few key tools the first few days.

ASAP BOX– Create and vividly label an ASAP box to be put on the moving truck last. In this box, have the first day or two essentials: paper plates and paper products, utensils, a cooking pan, toiletries, shower liner and hooks, medications (OTC), a COPY of the master checklist, a small notebook and pen, an extra phone charger, flashlight, batteries, 1-2 trash bags, and any other everyday item that your family finds necessary.

CLEANING PRODUCT BOX– Place key cleaning products in one box. Before unpacking, many people enjoy cleaning their new home upon arrival. Some even get Roof Cleaning in Woodbridge VA to clean those hard to reach areas. Cleaning wipes, bathroom cleaner, bleach, detergent, and your other “must haves” must not be packed in the midst of a hundred boxes. Check out Appliance Hunter‘s top cleaning appliance picks.

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ANIMAL BOX– Don’t forget your fur babies! Making sure their essentials are close by is key to your pets adjusting to their new home, too. Blankets that smell like home, food, toys, treats, litter, beds, and other pertinent pet items should be boxed together. Additionally, if you want to make sure that your new carpets are free of any pet stains or odors, it might be a good idea to look for a reliable carpet cleaning service like the carpet cleaning cincinnati to help you with the task.

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