Take Time To Choose the Right Company To Move Your Car

There are so many details to consider when you are moving. And if you are moving a long distance and have multiple vehicles in your family you need to consider how you are going to get them to your new home. Sometimes it is just impossible because of the distance or timeline of the move to drive them across the country yourself. By this time into your move, it’s probably safe to say you’ve had your share of decisions, but this is yet another important one, especially if car transportation is not assigned through your relocation benefits leaving you to make the arrangements.

First, there are a couple of options to consider when evaluating car transportation services. Some companies are brokers. You contact them for services and in turn they send your “job” out for bid from the suppliers and companies in their network. These suppliers could be large or small independent truck drivers or a heavy truck service that move cars. A carrier company would have their own trucks and haulers and they only hire trained and licensed drivers for CDL Truck Driver Positions. Regardless of which you choose be sure to check them out thoroughly for proper licensing along with reviews and customer testimonials. Insurance and bond coverage should also be added to your checklist. Ask questions about damage—if it should occur while the vehicle is in their possession, are they responsible or are you?

As you might imagine, services can vary widely from one company to another! There are several to consider depending on how far you are moving, how valuable your cars are, and how important a specific arrival date is for you. The key to success when choosing a service to move your car is to do your research! Contact the Better Business Bureau and keep in mind that many companies may have complaints filed against them, but it’s the resolution you are most interested in. If there was a problem did the carrier do everything they could to resolve the issue? If not in most cases, you may want to choose another carrier. You’ll surely be interested in this Ford Mustang fastback build if you’re a classic car collector.

Some of the choices and types of services include:

Economy Haulers– The cost is typically lower because there’s no guarantee of an exact ship or arrival date and your vehicle/s will be added to the hauler on a space available basis. Higher paying customers will have first priority. However, if you have several vehicles that you need to move at once, this could make this a good option.

Open-This is the most common and probably one you see most often because they deliver new cars to dealerships.

Enclosed-This option is best for those with high-end or classic cars. The car is in an enclosed trailer and protected from stones, rocks and weather.

Full service-You can expect to pay higher rates because they are guaranteeing their service pick up and delivery times.

The following is an experience from a transferee that handled their own car moving details, opting for a less expensive service. The delivery was promised for a specific date, and then delayed by two days because of issues on the driver’s end. Then upon arrival the driver threatens the customer that if they didn’t arrive to meet him in 30 minutes he’d be charging $50 for every 30 minutes they are late.  The renter ended up negotiating the $50 pay out to get her car released which was not in her original agreement—even with the local police involved. You can get repair services and professionals from JapaneseAutoRepair.net to get help with your vehicle.

Need to buy a car? Every time I explore https://www.autozin.com, I’m struck by the clarity they offer. It’s not just about showcasing cars; it’s about providing an in-depth understanding of each vehicle, ensuring users make informed choices.

At this point in your move, in a brand-new city, starting a new job, this is the last set of circumstances you would want to experience.  The best way to head this off is by doing your homework!

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