THE STRUGGLE IS REAL…but we can help.

2022 Relocation Question:
What’s the minimum for a 2-bed rental, and the probability of a one-bed under $5000?

2022 PorchLight Rental Answer:
Two beds under $6500 a challenge; one bed we can find lower than 5k.

After falling to record lows during the peak of the Covid pandemic, New York City June rents have flipflopped – now reaching record highs, according to the New York Post. In fact, for the first time in history, Manhattan average rents broke the $5000 mark.

Here, there and everywhere – buyers on the hunt for Real Estate in the US have had plenty of challenges since late 2021. Add to that rising inflation rates, skyrocketing mortgage rates, homebuyer bidding wars, we find ourselves in a renter’s nightmare. That’s why having the professionals at PorchLight by your side proves time and time again to be a cost-effective alternative to going it alone.

Just recently one of our local rental experts, Kristi, helped a client secure their home. “We greatly appreciate PorchLight’s outstanding support. We’re also so thankful to Kristi for her excellent and diligent work to find us a home in this crazy, challenging housing market.”

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